Bethesda Swapping Nylon Fallout 76 Bags for Canvas Ones After Sustained Social Media Backlash

Bethesda Swapping Nylon Fallout 76 Bags for Canvas Ones After Sustained Social Media Backlash

A blank canvas.

Bethesda, boiling in hot water over a controversy surrounding the materials used in one of the items for the Fallout 76 collector's edition, announced that it will replace the packaged nylon bag for the promised canvas bag.

Fallout 76 hasn't been very well-received, but while some customers have been having issues with the game itself, those who purchased the collector's edition were met with another unpleasant surprise: the package came with a nylon carrying case instead of a canvas bag as advertised. The bag was meant to carry around the replica Power Armor helmet that headlined the collector's edition.

What's more Bethesda offered 500 Atoms for unhappy customers, which was the equivalent to about $5 USD in premium Fallout 76 currency. This wasn't met with positive reactions either as the collector's edition costs $200.

Fans were dismayed to discover that instead of the sturdier, and thematically accurate canvas bag that lent a bit of military style to the collector's edition, Bethesda instead shipped a weaker nylon bag. Bethesda initially said that this was a result of manufacturing complications and possible material cost, but today offered to replace customers' nylon bag for a canvas one.

There was further controversy when it was revealed that influencers invited to Bethesda's West Virginia preview event were given goodie bags that included a canvas backpack, though this should not be confused for the canvas bag advertised for the collector's edition. But the community was already upset over the bag controversy that it didn't seem to matter.

To get a replacement canvas bag for your collector's edition visit Bethesda's support page and submit a ticket by January 31, 2019. Bethesda says bags will ship as soon as they are ready.

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