Bethesda's Creation Club Now Offers an Extreme New Survival Mode for Skyrim

Can you survive in the new Skyrim?

News by Matt Kim, .

If you ever thought your time in Skyrim was too easy, Bethesda has just the solution. A new Survival Mode is coming to make the game even harder, and it's available through Bethesda's Creation Club.

The new Survival Mode adds two new layers of strategy to Skyrim's base game: weather and hunger. Similar to other popular Survival games like Rust, players will need to manage their temperature and hunger to stay alive in the harsh new conditions players are now exposed to.


Players will need to dress in weather appropriate armor or stay around campfires to stay warm in freezing temperature, while managing their food intake to make sure their characters don't starve to death. You can check out Bethesda's new zoned Skyrim map to see where in Skyrim is the coldest or hottest, and how to manage their survival. Also, be sure to avoid freezing water if you want to avoid dying really quickly.

Skyrim Survival Mode Map

In addition, food management is more complex than just eating to stay alive. You'll have to eat cooked meat or risk getting sick. If your food is good however, and you become "well fed" you'll receive stat bonuses.

Other Survival additions include a new Fatigue feeling that will deplete your magicka meter if you don't sleep, disabled fast travel, diseases from animals, and limited carrying weight for added realism.

Survival Mode is being offered as part of the Creation Club, a new mod marketplace so controversial, some players modded the ads for the store out of Fallout 4. The new Survival Mode is being billed as "free for one week" where players who download it in the one week period can keep it for free. If you download the mod after that one week, it will become a paid mod.

Skyrim's new Survival Mode is currently in PC beta, which you can log into with an opt-in on Steam, while PS4 and Xbox One players can try out the new mode next month.

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  • Avatar for Arvis-Jaggamar #1 Arvis-Jaggamar 5 months ago
    This sounds seriously amazing.
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  • Avatar for nathandrakee1987 #2 nathandrakee1987 5 months ago
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #3 MetManMas 5 months ago
    Well I'm certainly interested. PC and Xbone fans probably care less since their mod spaces have more variety, but I've been longing for a proper survival mode on PS4. Give all those non-Elsweyr fondue foods a lot more utility.

    Speaking of Elsweyr fondue, it's easily the best food you can cook, what with it fortifying Magicka by 100 points and Magicka regen by an extra 25% for 12 minutes. While the eidar cheese wheels can be pretty hard to find, ale is common and Khajiit caravans that show up outside cities are always a reliable source of moon sugar.
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  • Avatar for nimzy #4 nimzy 5 months ago
    Yeah, that sounds like "Realistic Needs and Diseases" plus "Frostfall."

    Those two mods alone turn a certain part of the Dawnguard DLC into a brutal fight for survival in absolutely freezing conditions.
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  • Avatar for Dorchadas #5 Dorchadas 5 months ago
    There are already mods that do all of this, but this could be a good basis to build other mods around with some better integration into the base game (UI bars for warmth, etc.).

    I was going to say "more stable," but this is Bethesda we're talking about here.
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  • Avatar for KaiserWarrior #6 KaiserWarrior 5 months ago
    Alternatively, these features are free forever as part of the Frostfall mod and the Realistic Needs and Diseases mod, both of which have been out for years...

    Thus my problem with Creation Club. Good, I suppose, that it's finally getting something other than skins and models. But this is literally Bethesda selling a version of something that was already made years ago and has been free the entire time.

    I guess this is something if you are specifically doing this on PS4 or (assuming they put CC in that version) Switch. Still a damned shame that they're paying for mods that other platforms get for free.
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