Big PC Discounts over at Bundle Stars This Week

Big PC Discounts over at Bundle Stars This Week

Saints Row IV! Dead Cells! Rocket League!

This week, over at Bundle Stars, you'll be able to pick up some significantly decent PC titles with big ol' discounts.

The 'Top Picks from the Birthday Sale' range it up and running over at the main site, featuring games like Rocket League, Baldur's Gate, SuperHot, Metro Redux, Hover, and more, all with up to 80% off.

One particular stand out from the whole batch is indie rogue-like-like Dead Cells, which I've found to be one of the most addictive games of the year so far. It also happens to be the very best game starring a decapitated main character since Decap Attack on the Sega Genesis.

Also listed is Focus Home Interactive's extra muddy racing title Spintires, the uber-stylish Furi and, of course, Sands Row IV which needs no introduction.

Here are some highlights:

  • Dead Cells for $14.44
  • Tabletop Simulator for $9.99
  • Baldur's Gate The Complete Saga for $20.39
  • Rocket League for $11.99
  • Metro Redux Bundle for $7.49
  • Superhot for $14.99
  • Hover for $14.99
  • Spintires for $5.99
  • Furi for $9.99
  • Darksiders Franchise Pack for $9.99
  • Saints Row IV: Game of the Year Edition for $4.99
  • Verdun for $12.49

Bundle Stars Birthday Sale Top Picks

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Jamie Wallace


Jamie is the Commerce Editor for Gamer Network and can usually be found writing about games, tech and his belief that there were never enough Jet Set Radios.

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