Big Update Coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Big Update Coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

What's that coming up the road...?

People are still merrily collecting fruit and fish in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which is getting its first major update soon.

According to an in-game notice and the Animal Crossing UK account, the update includes a small gardening patch for you to tend to, the addition of clothes crafting (a feature that's currently hinted at, but inaccessible in-game). There's also a suggestion that a certain rambling cat will be making his debut.

(You know, this guy.)

There are currently a couple of events going on, too. If you check your campground, you'll notice there's been a bit of a snowfall, which brings some much-needed holiday cheer to the game. You'll also find several Leaf Tickets in your mailbox if you've friended a lot of people since the game went worldwide. Sorry, people with no friends. You're out of luck.

Look for the big Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp update sometime next month. As someone with zero interest in flowers, I hope I can just use my new patch of real estate to house some more mismatched bookshelves.

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