BioShock Celebrates Its 10th Birthday with a Collector's Edition and a Party at PAX West

Drink to Andrew Ryan's health. Nah, don't do that.

News by Nadia Oxford, .

Happy 10th birthday to BioShock, 2K's atmospheric first-person shooter. You're not old enough to drink yet, BioShock, but we got you some birthday cake plasmid to shoot into your veins. Enjoy.

With BioShock being one of the most celebrated games of 2007 (and beyond), 2K is going to celebrate the title's big one-oh in style. If you're going to be at PAX West in Seattle on September 2, you're invited to attend the "Return to Rapture" fan party. There'll be drinks, cosplay contests, photo ops, and free copies of Atlas Shrugged (kidding on that last one. I hope).

If you don't have the means to party down, you can head to 2K's site and pre-order the BioShock 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition. Inside, you'll find copies of all three BioShock games remastered in 1080p (all single-player DLC included), as well as a statue of a Big Daddy and his Little Sister. The Big Daddy has a working drill! If you ever find yourself up against a piece of plywood that's gone insane because of experiments performed by immoral scientists, it won't stand a chance.

The BioShock 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It costs $199.99 USD, and will be available on November 14.

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  • Avatar for nimzy #1 nimzy 10 months ago
    Drinks and cosplay? Brings to mind the launch party. Ten years ago we might as well have been on a different planet.
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  • Avatar for Roto13 #2 Roto13 10 months ago
    But before they'll let you into the party, you'll have to wander around for an hour taking pictures of homeless people for a grown man named "Peach."
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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #3 NiceGuyNeon 10 months ago
    I love this series but that's because as an artiste and intellectual of the highest order I am fully aware that BioShock 2 is the best game of the series.

    But I do love this whole series. It's a shame we aren't getting anything more than a $200 statue packaged with three games we already own, and a party where we pretend to be drug addicts spewing Ayn Randian nonsense, but hey, it's better than what Nintendo does with some of their great series on their anniversaries so I'll take it!

    Random thought, a BioShock themed murder mystery party would be ridiculously fun.Edited August 2017 by NiceGuyNeon
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  • Avatar for BulkSlash #4 BulkSlash 10 months ago
    Hey 2K, how about fixing the iOS version of Bioshock that broke merely 6 months after release?
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  • Avatar for nadiaoxford #5 nadiaoxford 10 months ago
    @BulkSlash I swear that breakage marked the moment when game developers steered away from mobile as a competitor to consoles and PC. One second, everyone was gung-ho about how mobile was going to devour the market. Then BioShock broke, and everyone just went silent.
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  • Avatar for BulkSlash #6 BulkSlash 10 months ago
    @nadiaoxford Yeah that's a good point, things did go really quiet around that time. I think part of the problem is the traditional publishers just aren't in the right mindset for mobile development; they still think in terms of consoles where they release something and then forget about it to focus on the sequel. Mobile development requires more on-going support and the big publishers just don't think like that (despite the long tail that season passes and DLC now provide).

    Still, at least Sega are finally going to fix Jet Set Radio for Sega Forever, right Sega?
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