BioWare Reveals Highly Anticipated Score-Based Cataclysm Event

BioWare Reveals Highly Anticipated Score-Based Cataclysm Event

The eight-week event brings some welcome loot changes as well.

Ahead of E3 2019, BioWare held a short livestream yesterday to discuss what's next for Anthem, its troubled robo-suit loot shooter. A pillar of its post-launch plans has been an event called Cataclysm, and now we know a little bit more about what it is, and what BioWare is doing to try and right the ship.

Cataclysm will run for eight weeks, with the first two being a "pre-event" to set up the storyline for the update with a few missions. A new faction, led by a character called Vara, starts the Cataclysm, and the Freelancers have to find the cause and fix for it before, y'know, things get really bad.

The actual Cataclysm event will take place in a new, non-linear area and contains only one real objective: find and defeat Vara. The idea is that you squad-up with friends and work towards high scores, a new concept for the area. Taking Vara down will only net you a small score, but it will double whatever points you've accumulated. The map is dotted with secrets, activities, and other challenges which can chalk up more points and multipliers to cash in and top the leaderboards, though there is a time limit to make sure you manage the clock well. BioWare also looks to add Inversions, or twists on the Cataclysm each week, with rules like certain weapons dealing more damage or reduced cooldowns.

For Anthem players, the big news is the loot system update. Cataclysm will bring new unannounced weapon types, a new melee slot, and new gear. The luck stat will be removed, treating all players as if they had maxed-out luck for drops instead. And the new gear will be five levels higher than current endgame gear.

All of this is set to launch first on the public test server on PC before it comes to the main build and consoles. Anthem has had a rocky lifespan already, and it seems like BioWare wants to fix that up with Cataclysm, providing a team-oriented, replayable experience to keep players engaged. Hopefully, this will do just that.

Anthem won't be among the games streamed at this year's EA Play event (though it will be playable for those in attendance), but if you're looking forward to more news from other EA games, check out our guide to all things E3 2019.

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