Black Riddles Studios Wants to Give the Nintendo Switch Its First PUBG-Style Game

The Nintendo Switch has a chance at its own Battle Royale game with Crazy Justice.

News by Nadia Oxford, .

The Nintendo Switch is being offered a chance to get a little crazy with the upcoming action-adventure game Crazy Justice. Indie studio Black Riddles is currently developing the title for Switch, Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, but it also hopes to bring a PUBG-style Battle Royale mode to the Switch version of the game.

If Black Riddles succeeds, Crazy Justice will be the first Switch game to offer a Battle Royale arena (unless a real surprise comes flying out of left field—preferably a first-party game involving Nintendo characters a la Smash Bros). The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One already have Fortnite: Battle Royale, and, of course, PC has PUBG itself. Xbox One is also getting PUBG sooner than later, and it might have a long claim to console exclusivity.

The Switch needs some Hunger Games love, and Crazy Justice may wind up being the supplier. The game's story campaign involves a quest to activate Tesla Coils and prevent evil from invading a stricken land. Crazy Justice also offers cooperative multiplayer and several cooperative multiplayer modes outside Battle Royale. Cross-platform multiplayer is planned.

Crazy Justice is being funded via the Fig crowd-funding platform, and at the time of this writing, it's 68% funded with nearly 7 days left.

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  • Avatar for SIGGYZtar #1 SIGGYZtar 11 months ago
    I don't own PUBG, but I watch Mike and Caty play the game and find it appealing because it looks so mundane and it overtly doesn't try anything wacky. The appeal is the hilarity in the mundanity, as gamers all around the world collect various scraps and shuffle through the game with no "special abilities" The fact at it's called "Crazy Justice" makes it seem more like a "mature" Splatoon, or some variant on Saints Row. Considering there aren't many other options on the Switch, why not?
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  • Avatar for SIGGYZtar #2 SIGGYZtar 11 months ago
    Deleted October 2017 by SIGGYZtar
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  • Avatar for TrustyPanda #3 TrustyPanda 11 months ago
    The issue with the Switch is it's designed for wifi, and these 100-player games need super low latency. I get everyone will be on an equal playing field, but yeah, wifi and serious multiplayer games are a bad mix.
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