Blair Witch Game: How to Get Past the Leaf Monsters in Chapter 7

Blair Witch Game: How to Get Past the Leaf Monsters in Chapter 7

There's something in the leaves, and it's probably not a wood pigeon.

Blair Witch doesn't just offer shadowy horrors, there's also... weird balls of angry leaves? Maybe there's demons snuffling around beneath the foliage, we're not sure. Either way, these leaf monsters inhabit one of the game's most frustrating areas, and we're here to show you how to get through them.

When Do I Encounter The Leaf Monsters?

These woodland menaces show up in chapter 7, a little way after Ellis uses a red tape entitled "The Burial" to lift up a large stone. Bullet leads him to a new area with a lot of falling leaves, and Ellis starts to receive weird, militaristic communications on his radio, as well as finding dog tags. After a while Bullet will start to bark furiously at a small cairn of rocks up ahead, which you can make Ellis smash to pieces. Bad move, as it turns out - strange balls of churning leaves are up ahead, and they strongly object to your vandalism.

The monsters show their location by churning up the leaves above them, like Bugs Bunny leaving a trail of freshly-dug earth. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Bloober Team/Lionsgate

How Do I Fight the Leaf Monsters?

You can't. Unlike the shadow demons, your flashlight has no effect on the leaf monsters, and there's no command to throw your chunky 90's cell phone at them. Instead, you simply have to move past them as fast as possible. In a sense, think of them like sharks, and the leafy areas they move around in are their equivalent of water. They can't leave those areas, so you'll have to move between "islands" of sand to the next relevant zone, running through the leaves as fast as possible to prevent from getting attacked. However, with multiple islands and only one viable path, it can be difficult to avoid getting nibbled on your first try.

What Happens If the Leaf Monsters Catch Me?

We're not sure, frankly. You take damage, and you'll die after a few hits, but what exactly they're doing to hurt you is left a mystery. Maybe there's a lot of poison ivy in there somewhere. Once you enter the leaf areas, the nearest monsters will start to move towards you quickly, so just sprint to the nearest safe ground rather than try to interact with them in any way.

The thick blanket of leaves on the ground effectively means "dangerous terrain." Cross it quickly, and only when you have to. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Bloober Team/Lionsgate

How to Get Past the Leaf Monsters

In a moment we'll go over the exact route to take to get through the leaf zone, but before that, a few tips to bear in mind in case you lose your way or feel uncertain:

  • Bullet can look after himself. From our experience the monsters had no interest in eating Bullet. Maybe they don't want the fuss of picking fur out of their teeth, but don't worry about him either way.
  • Bullet can give directions, until he can't. A weird inconsistency, Bullet can sometimes indicate which island to go to, whereas other times he's just content to sniff your ankles and think about squirrels. If he looks like he's running somewhere with purpose, it's a pretty good bet that you should follow him, but if he's looking as bewildered as you are then don't bother waiting for him to work it out.
  • Pick your moment to run. Knowing the path is only half the battle, as the omnipresent leaf monsters make even the right route dangerous. Watch the nearest ones and wait for them to be as far away as possible before sprinting across. If you think you're not going to make it and change your mind, just turn around and head back.
  • Don't try to outrun or outwit the monsters. The leaf demons are too fast to really be outpaced or confused, and make a direct beeline for you the moment you enter the danger zone. Running in circles or unpredictable motions won't help you escape their clutches, so don't bother - think in straight lines, and rely on good timing to get you where you need to go.
  • If in doubt, look at what's close. The speed of the monsters means that you really can't spend long in the leaves. If you don't know what to do, just look for the closest island and head to that one - any other is likely to get you killed along the way.
Once you cross this makeshift bridge, the only way to move safely is by calculated sprints from island to island. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Bloober Team/Lionsgate

What Path to Take

Starting with the point where you knock over the cairn of rocks, this is the most direct path to escape, not including divergences for collectibles. For points of reference, "North" is directly ahead, and is the main direction you want to be heading.

  • Cross the tree up ahead, walking on it like a bridge to get over the leaves safely. By this point you should be able to see the monsters, and fires will have started to appear across the area. Don't worry, the fire doesn't spread, acting instead as beacons and landmarks for reference.
  • Once you're on the next island, head to the one on the left. Bullet should be barking at it, but either way it's still the right choice.
  • Once there, look ahead to see an island with a burning car on it. It's too far to run directly, but there's a small island between there to stop at and catch your bearings.
  • When you're at the burning car, look ahead, to the North-West. There's an unlit island that you need to run to.
  • After that, head to the closest island to the North, where there should be a small fire. At this point there will be fewer islands to run to, making your route clearer.
  • Head to the North-East, where there is an unlit island with a small amount of barbed wire.
  • From there you should see an obvious island ahead, with a sand path framed by two fires.
  • Once you're there, call Bullet and have him stay close - there are multiple shadow demons here, so get ready to use your flashlight to bring them down, or just run past them as fast as possible if you're feeling brave.
This larger island bisected by sand is where you'll be attacked by the regular shadow demons. It's up to you whether to fight or run. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Bloober Team/Lionsgate
  • Either way, follow the sand path through the doorway of a bombed wall up ahead. The environment should be coming more militaristic than ever now, with spiky metal constructs (did you know they're called Czech Hedgehogs in real life?), framing much of your path.
  • Follow the sand path for as long as possible to a short sandbag wall. You then need to cross the leaves to the ruins in the North-East.
  • This is the risky one - head directly North to the unlit island. Choose your moment carefully, it's a long run and there's a lot of monsters about.
  • Once there, it's one final run to the obvious large island where a small war appears to have broken out. Like the island with the shadow demons, the path is framed by fires and should be easy to spot.

Once you made it, there should be a short, walking-simulator kinda cutscene where Ellis wanders through a war zone before passing out. Congratulations! You've completed chapter seven, and all it took was constant peril of death and a severe PTSD attack.

This fiery warzone represents the end of the mission and, oddly enough, a safe area. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Bloober Team/Lionsgate

Now that you've made it, why not check out how to get all three endings to the game? Alternatively, you can find out our solution to opening the mysterious bunker and solving the puzzle within here.

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