Blair Witch Game: How to Get the Camcorder at the Third Camp in Chapter 12

Blair Witch Game: How to Get the Camcorder at the Third Camp in Chapter 12

We show you how to avoid getting lost in the woods after meeting the Witch's biggest fan.

Blair Witch has numerous enemies, and while the eponymous old bag is the looming threat that hangs over the game, most of your connection with her is via her lackey, Carver, the bearded hermit who kidnaps a child and kickstarts the events of the game. After he kidnaps you at the beginning of chapter 12, we show you where to go and how to get your equipment back.

How to Get Back Your Radio

Once you wake up from your brief, choking-induced nightmare, you'll find yourself left in the woods with your walkie-talkie and video recorder missing. The first of these is easy enough to find, placed in the open in front of you, as Carver wants you to find it and have a little villain dialogue going while you stumble around the forest. Pick it up, and remember to answer him when he calls for a while afterwards, as he sometimes gives useful advice or triggers helpful events - but more on that momentarily.

Your camera is essential to your progress, found in a small alcove in a tree's roots on your left. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Bloober Team, Lionsgate

How to Find Your Camcorder

Ahead of you is a small tent with a piece of paper in it. There's actually a lot of collectibles in the area, but to proceed, you simply need to look in the opposite direction of the tent to a huge, squat, leafless tree with a massive tangle of roots sticking out of the ground. Your camera is tucked into a hollow in one of the roots, with some sort of white liquid spattered around it to make it a little more visually obvious. Getting close to the hollow will allow you to take the camera out. You'll see Carver has scratched the little Blair Witch stick man symbol onto the glass (I guess he's thinking about brand integrity), and after a little clip where he tells you to go get some sticks from a special tree, you'll notice that the white goo has altered your camera to have permanent night-vision mode.

Where to Go After Getting the Camcorder

Your night vision has a second function now - your camera can detect mysterious glowing marks on the ground. These function as a trail for you to follow; provided you're done looking for collectibles you can follow those marks out of the area and into the next chapter, where it'll serve to highlight enemies and objectives in thick fog. Keep in mind that there are collectibles around here, so only follow the trial if you're ready to leave them behind.

The nightvison function of your camera allows you to see where to go, even through darkness and fog - both of which you're about to encounter in abundance. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Bloober Team, Lionsgate

Now that you know where to go through the wood, why not check out our guide to getting all the secret endings in Blair Witch? Or head here to see how you can get through the rampaging leaf monsters in chapter 7.

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