Blair Witch Gameplay: Every Trailer Released So Far

Blair Witch Gameplay: Every Trailer Released So Far

As we approach the release of Blair Witch, let’s take a look at all of the trailers we’ve seen so far.

Blair Witch is a brand new first-person horror title from the makers of Layers of Fear. It is set in the Blair Witch universe, though carves out its own tale, using the cinematic lore as a guiding light. To help you keep up with the latest developments regarding the new Blair Witch game, we’ll be collecting all of the Blair Witch gameplay trailers and teasers released so far. As more are released, we’ll add them in here, so check back for future updates.

Blair Witch Gameplay

Let’s start off by taking a look at what you’ll actually be doing in Blair Witch. The devs have released a gameplay trailer, which you can view below, showing plenty of shaky cam footage and first person horror. It looks as if it will involve a lot of exploration, and there are no combat mechanics in the footage released so far.

Blair Witch E3 2019 Trailer

There have only been two trailers released so far for Blair Witch, one being the initial reveal trailer. You can check it out below, though don’t expect too much info to be gleaned from it. It’s very much a teaser, showing off the spooky vibe and terrifying woodland setting. There’s flashlights and camcorders galore here, and it sure does give off the same vibe as the Blair Witch movies.

Blair Witch Through the Woods Gameplay Trailer

Yet another gameplay trailer has been revealed for Blair Witch. You can check out the 4K Tour Through the Woods gameplay trailer below, which shows off some new areas and gives a better look at the environments you'll be heading through.

Blair Witch Gamescom 2019 Trailer

A brand new trailer was shown off for Blair Witch at Gamescom 2019. You can check it out below. It sheds some more light on the main characters involvement in the story, and shows a little more of the gameplay.

That’s all of the trailers we’ve seen so far for Blair Witch. As more are released, we’ll be adding them into this page. For more on Blair Witch, like release date and setting info, head over to our Blair Witch Everything We Know Guide.

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