What Would StarCraft 3 Look Like? Here Are Some Ideas From Blizzard

What Would StarCraft 3 Look Like? Here Are Some Ideas From Blizzard

A "robust" co-op and modding experience from the get-go.

It's been a decade, and still StarCraft 2 is carrying on with updates and plenty of competition. Yet after 10 years, it's hard not to think about what a new StarCraft might look like, and where it could build upon what the three-part StarCraft 2 built up.

Speaking to USgamer, Blizzard Designer Ryan Schutter spoke to what he would want to see in a new StarCraft game. Epic campaigns and top-tier competitive multiplayer are "a must," but he leads off with another idea: focusing on a "robust co-op experience from the beginning."

"Honestly, I was opposed to adding Co-op Missions during Legacy of the Void because I felt like StarCraft 2 was a competitive game, and co-op just didn't feel right to me at the time," said Schutter. "Wow, I was wrong. I really enjoy it, and it is probably my favorite way to play the game now."

Co-op, as Schutter tells it, gave him a "hard lesson" in checking his assumptions. On top of that, he looks at Custom Games, which have had a rocky history in Blizzard's RTS compared to other games like Warcraft 3 or the first StarCraft. Better support for the Custom Games community, similar to what's being added even today with custom campaign support could have helped build the ecosystem from the get-go.

"I don't think StarCraft 2's custom games got off on the right foot, and I think we have learned so many lessons since then about what could be done better," said Schutter. "We have made huge strides in StarCraft 2 since but I definitely think the StarCraft 2 modding community was hurt by this for years."

In our interview with a number of Blizzard devs, the team reflected on the history behind the game; what went right, wrong, and how it became what it is today. Despite a notoriously rough start, StarCraft 2 still managed to build itself back up again into something that's intriguing even in the modern day, if only for lack of modern RTS games to compete against.

The thought of a StarCraft 3 might be alluring even if it's not so realistic. A game that hits right out of the gate, with not just what you've come to expect in single and multiplayer experiences, but co-op and modding as well? That might be the right way to kick things off.

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