Blizzard Improves Legendary Card Draws in Hearthstone Packs for Upcoming Expansion

Blizzard Improves Legendary Card Draws in Hearthstone Packs for Upcoming Expansion

No duplicates, guaranteed Legendary cards, and more

Hearthstone players will presumably be happy with the new announcement that Blizzard will be making some changes to how card packs will work moving forward. Particularly in regards to Legendary cards, which will become a little easier to get and easier to manage.

Hearthstone game director Ben Brode appeared in a video today to offer an official update of what's coming to Hearthstone in the next expansion.

First, each time players open a Legendary card in a pack, the card will not be from a set the player already owns. Blizzards says that this will apply to all Hearthstone card packs, and Brode says that this will let players craft Legendary cards without fear of drawing one from a pack.

Another change to Hearthstone card packs involves the regularity in which players will draw Legendary cards. Starting with the next expansion, players are guaranteed to draw a Legendary within the first 10 packs of a new set. While this ultimately won't have that much of an impact on hardcore players who want to collect 100 percent of Hearthstone cards, this is a much better rate for drawing Legendary cards for more mainstream players.

One new update that Brode doesn't touch on in the video is how players will also lo longer get more copies of any card in a pack than they can use in a single deck. Basically, players shouldn't expect to draw three or more of the same common, rare, or epic card from the same pack.

This should all be good news for Hearthstone players who have seen a particularly brutal draw rate in the previous expansion (which you can see in the comments of the official forums). As far as changes go, this is welcome news for Hearthstone players, and will hopefully make drawing Legendary cards a less stressful experiences for all.

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