Blizzard Reveals More Legendary Cards for Hearthstone's Knights of the Frozen Throne Expansion

Blizzard Reveals More Legendary Cards for Hearthstone's Knights of the Frozen Throne Expansion

Two new Hearthstone Legendary cards to be exact.

Hearthstone's latest expansion set, Knights of the Frozen Throne, is coming out and Blizzard has been dropping new cards all day. Obviously people want to see the new Legendary cards, so we've got a brief rundown of the new card announcements Blizzard has made so far today on its official Twitter account.

PCGamesN exclusively revealed the legendary hero card, Blood Queen Lana'thel. She has five mana, one attack, and six damage alongside her Lifesteal ability which makes your discard pile a source of strength.

The other legendary minion card revealed, this time at HearthPwnwas Prince Taldaram, who has three mana, three attack, and three damage. The card's Battlecry ability lets it copy other cards, but the community's reaction to it has so far been pretty mixed. Apparently the card works similarly to the Faceless Manipulator card, but its cost is apparently a little much for some in the community.

Knights of the Frozen Throne was announced earlier this month and introduced a couple new mechnaics, including hero cards and lifesteal cards. The emphasis appeared to be on adding some new features to the Blizzard's online trading card game, mechanics that already exist in other competitive card games. The expansion will also include a new single-player campaign that pits players against the infamous Lich King.

With over a hundred cards left in the set, keep an eye out on the official Hearthstone Twitter account for more card reveals.

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