Blizzard Reveals Overwatch's Loot Drop Rates... in China

Blizzard Reveals Overwatch's Loot Drop Rates... in China

Too bad about 90 percent of 'em are duplicates though.

As Overwatch closes in on its one-year anniversary, some secretive statistics have finally risen from the depths of the Blizzard offices. In China, a law has been put into place where games must make their loot drop rates publicly available to the public, so as to provide a much-needed transparency for consumers and blind box purchases. And following in the footsteps of Riot and Valve, Blizzard’s tossed out the numbers about the drop boxes in Overwatch, available via Google Translate.

In a single loot box containing four items (either cosmetic items like skins or currency), a box “will contain at least one item of excellent or higher quality,” wrote Blizzard. On average, every 5.5 loot boxes will net a player an Epic-tier item, and 13.5 loot boxes for a Legendary-tier item. According to DotEsports’ math (don’t ask me, I’m bad at math), this accounts to an average 18.19 percent chance of landing an Epic item, and a 7.4 percent chance of a Legendary. Of course, this doesn’t account for all those dubious duplicates that plague players, especially the prestiged ones.

It’s important to note that while these enlightening figures could give some insight into how Blizzard accounts for the game’s drop rates, it is likely that these numbers apply to China only and are tweaked for separate markets. After all, Overwatch is region locked. But it’s still a sign of good faith, even if a piece of legislation had to force their hands, so people aren’t emptying their wallets blindly in the hopes of landing more virtual gear. Now they know there's a 7.4 percent chance of landing something special, at least.

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