Blizzard to Nerf Overwatch's Mercy and Buff Ana

Blizzard to Nerf Overwatch's Mercy and Buff Ana

Please leave our nice medic alone.

Blizzard just recently announced an upcoming Overwatch patch, that's going to make some changes to our Support heroes. Mainly, the patch is going to nerf Mercy yet again, but it'll also be buffing Ana.

In an announcement over on the Blizzard forums, the developer announced that it's "reviewing the current state of support heroes". This means Ana, Mercy, Brigitte, Lucio, and Moira are all going to see changes.

Changes for Each Support Hero

  • Ana - Nano Boost additionally heals the target instantly for 300 HP.
  • Brigitte - Shield Bash cooldown increased from 6 to 7 seconds.
  • Lucio - Sound Barrier effect increased 50% from 500 to 750 shields, Crossfade aura radius increased 20% from 10m to 12m.
  • Mercy - Primary fire healing beam reduced 17% from 60 HP/s to 50 HP/s.
  • Moira - Healing resource base regen rate increased 20%.

Blizzard has stated that these changes will be coming to the PTR (Public Test Realm) "very soon". It's worth noting that there aren't any changes being made to everyone's favorite monk Zenyatta, and Blizzard even says that Moira "is a strong hero that doesn’t need a ton of changes".

For a complete walkthrough of how to complete each and every hero in Overwatch, as well as how to earn XP and level up quickly, head over to our Overwatch guides hub.

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