Bloodborne's Best Community Content

Bloodborne's Best Community Content

Check out the greatest video creations (to date) from fans of From Software's latest RPG.

Fans of the Souls series know things aren't over when the final boss breathes his (or her) last breath.

In fact, it's in this vital, post-game period when the greatest From Software devotees dedicate their lives to prying into these RPGs' greatest secrets. And though Bloodborne has only seen the light of day for a month, some familiar faces from the Souls community have done their best to create some pretty amazing videos on the subject. There's still some important questions left to answer, like "What the hell just happened?" but in the meantime, busy yourself with these closer looks at the guts of Bloodborne.

[TerraMantis - 10 Things You Didn't Know About Bloodborne]

Don't be a stickler—if you played Bloodborne to completion, you probably know some of these things. But TerraMantis' exploration of Bloodborne's less-obvious qualities makes for a great watch if you've just begun the game... Or even if you're on your second playthrough. Yes, even after investing 60 hours, I just learned you can attach an emote to one of those little messenger notes. I am shamed.

[DaveControlLive - Bloodborne Lore - The Story]

At first, Bloodborne may seem to be about a simple curse—the same premise of every Souls game—but, as expected, things eventually get a lot more complicated. (A lot.) Since Bloodborne looks towards H.P. Lovecraft for inspiration, the idea of things being too horrible and alien for the human mind to process pops up pretty often, which doesn't make the story any easier to digest. Luckily, DaveControlLive offers a pretty thorough overview of Bloodborne's narrative, which should provide a host of "ah-ha!" moments during future playthroughs.

[VaatiVidya - Bloodborne Lore Hunting: The Beast Hunt]

Souls community superstar VaatiVidya is mostly known for his great lore videos, which is why it's been excruciating to wait for more of them to trickle out. Until then, we at least have the first entry of his piece-by-piece exploration of Bloodborne, which pores over the central premise in close detail. If you're wondering why the game drops you off in Yharnam with a fairly vague mission, this is a good place to start.

[Lobos Jr - Bloodborne Torch Only All Bosses Run]

Lobos Jr can be viewed as the Evel Kneivel of FromSoftware RPGs—his YouTube channel features plenty of feats no sane human should ever attempt. And he's already assembled a handful of amazing challenge runs for Bloodborne in this short period of post-release time. This one definitely features the greatest restrictions: In it, he can only use the torch as a means of offense. You might be good at Bloodborne, but you're probably not this good. (Warning: It starts off a little slow.)

[ZOMBIEHEADZcom - Bloodborne - Beast Claw & Beasthood Explained]

The "Beasthood" attribute in Bloodborne could be one of the From Software-iest game mechanics ever created. While many (understandably) assumed "Beasthood" implied players had the potential to transform into werewolves themselves, it's actually a bit more complicated. This stat actually powers up a single (and optional) weapon, and that's about it—but, to be fair, it can do some pretty wonderful things. Check out the video above if you'd like to dive deep into one of Bloodborne's more complex systems.

[VaatiVidya - Bloodborne Race: 5 Hunters Killed in 00:11:50]

Our last entry—and Vaati's second in this piece—focuses on speedrunning. But instead of offering just a single speedrun, this video takes a look at three different ones, side-by-side. The rules for this competition are simple: Defeat five hunters in less than 15 minutes. Even so, there's a lot of variation in these three runs, and Vaati's commentary does a great job of showing just how much these players have optimized their strategies—giving us even more reasons to be ashamed of our personal Bloodborne skills.

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