Bloodborne's DLC The Old Hunters Will Be Ready to Kill You November 24th

Bloodborne's DLC The Old Hunters Will Be Ready to Kill You November 24th

Think you're done with From Software's latest RPG? It isn't done with you.

From Software has been astoundingly prolific on the RPG front in recent years, releasing incredible amounts of content while still managing to keep up their incredibly high standard of game design.

So far, 2015 alone brought us Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin—much more ambitious than your common, current-gen remakes—as well as the phenomenal Bloodborne, but From Software isn't going on radio silence until next year's release of Dark Souls III. This November 24th, Bloodborne's first DLC, The Old Hunters, will hit PSN with a $19.99 price tag attached.

From what the all-too-brief trailer reveals, The Old Hunters will feature new weapons and armor sets, remixed bosses, as well as a slew of new challenges. It's From Software's M.O. to be intentionally vague about upcoming releases—they're one of the few high-profile developers with the clout to stay secretive—but the attentive Bloodborne fan should be able to pick up on a few details from the two minutes of footage made available.

Given the fact it features a horrifying boss named Ludwig, we can only assume this is the same character who once wielded one of the best weapons in the game—or at least one I found incredibly useful—Ludwig's Holy Blade. Based on this sword's item description, it's at least clear Ludwig was the first Hunter of the Healing Church, the organization that set Bloodborne's story into action. With any luck, this DLC will wrap up one of Bloodborne's few remaining mysteries: just what the heck happened to that guy? (Outside of his bout with advanced monsterism.)

DLC doesn't always inspire confidence—Arkham Knight's expansions don't seem to have a whole lot of fans—but From Software has been known to take this sort of content very seriously. To date, the DLC for both Dark Souls and Dark Souls II has featured some of From's finest work, with Dark Souls II's in particular acting as a direct response to common complaints about the core game. You get the feeling that From's developers never feel happy with the final product, and while endless tinkering isn't always healthy, I'm always surprised by the changes I see to Bloodborne whenever I return after a few weeks away. Somehow, they've remained an extremely confident developer while still retaining the ability to implicitly admit when they've screwed up.


Since one of the most common complaints about Bloodborne relate to its lack of variety in character builds, it's safe to assume The Old Hunters will remedy this issue—the new weapons on display seem to indicate as much. With any luck, this new DLC will also make Bloodtinge and Arcane builds more viable outside of their limited and sometimes gimmicky uses; as much as I've wanted to explore these paths, Bloodborne in its current form makes brute force the most appealing option. And while $19.99 seems just a bit pricey for DLC, From's excellent track record with this type of content means it's practically guaranteed to be premium content. Plus, are there any Bloodborne fans who didn't want more Bloodborne after the game's finale. Sure, it's possible, but probable? Nah.

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