Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Patch Has Completely Broken Progress For Some Players

The patch came through and opened all the good treasure chests already.

The newest 'vania from Koji Igarashi, the Kickstarter-fueled Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, has been out for a day now and already has some troubles. A patch that went live yesterday seems to have broken progression for those who had saves prior to the patch, and we're not sure when a fix is coming.

Patch 1.02 went out yesterday, and players began noticing that some chests were open in areas they hadn't been to yet. On forums like Reddit and GameFAQs, users are expressing their frustration, as items critical to progression are locked away in these chests. Key items, like the Silver Bromide obtained in the clocktower area, are needed to get further in the story, and the chest for it appears already opened and unable to give the player any items.

Speaking anecdotally, this has halted my own progress in the game, as I've encountered several chests that likely contain items I need to move forward. We've reached out to developer ArtPlay and publisher 505 Games, but have yet to hear back about any fix. Right now, the best solution seems to be starting a new game, which users say closes the chests again, albeit at the cost of your save file. One player also reported another bizarre workaround: some other chests, ones that are still closed, seem to contain some of the key items in excess.

"I beat the game prior to getting all the key items but occasionally I'll get copies of key items from the respawning chests," they wrote. "I think I have like 3 [Carpenter's Keys] at this point."

Bloodstained has had a few troubles in its development process, specifically with its Switch port, which was in need of some reportedly ongoing optimization the last time we saw it. WayForward was also brought on to help close out development on the game, fitting due to its work on the Shantae series.

We'll update this story if we get news of a fix that's hopefully on its way. Otherwise, that's a lot of players' saves down the drain, which is a shame, as I've been otherwise enjoying it in my after-hours playtime. I'd really hate to lose my needlessly souped-up bat-summoning shard. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night releases on Switch next week.

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