Bluepoint Games Is Teasing Something, Your Guess As to What

Bluepoint Games Is Teasing Something, Your Guess As to What

The studio tweeted out a cavalcade of spooky references.

Bluepoint Games has made a name for itself over the last console generation in remastering games. The developer worked on last year's Shadow of the Colossus remake, several PlayStation classics, and now, its picked up a mysterious, spooky new project.

In a cryptic tweet, Bluepoint Games wishes everyone a "metal Halloween" following a series of thinly veiled references. A "symphony" of rumors, not one but two shadows, wander lands and syphon souls, soft from solid, eco-friendly... There are a lot of potential leads here, from Syphon Filter and Metal Gear Solid to Castlevania.

Bluepoint's been teasing its next project for some time. Earlier this month, president Marco Thrush told Wired that Bluepoint is "working on a big one right now" and that it would be headed to the PlayStation 5. Even in March of last year, not long after the launch of its Shadow of the Colossus remake, Thrush told Eurogamer that the studio was working on another remake. So break out the red yarn and go full-on Charlie Kelly from Always Sunny on this tweet, because its next big project might be hiding in that cascade of words.

The Shadow of the Colossus remake revived one of Team Ico's beloved classics for modern consoles. Even if it didn't fully recapture the magic, it's likely that Bluepoint's been trusted with something weighty. If you want to know what we're hoping for, check out our Bluepoint wishlist from last year. Me, personally? I hope that all the spooky imagery points toward the Legacy of Kain.

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