Bluepoint is Working on Another Remake—Here are the Games We Hope They Tackle Next

ROUNDTABLE | Our picks for the next project by the remake masters.

Feature by Kat Bailey, .

Bluepoint Games have mastered the remake. Even if we don't always agree with their approach to the likes of Shadow of the Colossus, Bluepoint's technical mastery can't be disputed. So it's with great excitement that we hear that Bluepoint is working on another remake. Their biggest yet even.

What could this remake be? Well, Bluepoint may be ready to give God of War the Shadow of the Colossus treatment. Conversely, Bluepoint could be working with another publisher, perhaps Capcom or Konami (hey, we can dream, right?). Whatever the case, we have our own hopes for Bluepoint's next project. Read on for our picks!

Resident Evil 4 has an HD remaster already, but surely Bluepoint Games could do better?
Kat Bailey Editor-in-Chief

When word hit that Bluepoint was working on another full-scale remake, I went back and looked through the best games of the last couple of generations. I found that Sony's best exclusives have been mostly accounted for, unless Bluepoint wants to go back and fully remake the original God of War (I'd be fine with it). But one game really jumped out at me as a good target for a remake: Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4, of course, is arguably the best Resident Evil ever made. We called it one of the best 15 games since 2000 a couple years back. It's a fantastic horror shooter that did its share to popularize the third-person shooter genre. Even today, that chainsaw is still ringing in my ears.

Resident Evil 4 would be an interesting challenge for Bluepoint. The original game boasts a decent HD remaster for the Xbox 360 and PS3, but its controls are badly outdated and frustrating to use on modern controller. I would be interested to see if Bluepoint could modernize that element of Resident Evil. Of course, they could just make it a PlayStation Move exclusive (I kid, I kid).

Beyond that, Resident Evil 4 was probably the best-looking game of the PS2-era, but its glory has faded since the transition to high-definition consoles. I would love to see a full-blown remake from the masters. With Capcom getting much better at managing their classic properties, the time is now for a fresh look at one of their best games.

The Silent Hill HD Collection was botched, so why not win back some goodwill by letting Bluepoint have a crack at it?
Matt Kim News Editor

Hijinx Studios once shipped a bug-riddled HD collection for Silent Hill which failed to connect with fans of the series and critics. The studio famously said that Konami lost the source code for both Silent Hill 2 & 3, which forced the developers to work with unfinished builds of the game. But the developers at Bluepoint, who remastered a Metal Gear collection for Konami, went on to say that they don't use original source codes for games, instead opting to reverse engineer their remasters from the game discs.

So with this in mind I say we let the studio with the proven track record of remastering and remaking games have a shot at re-doing one of the most famous, botched remaster collections in recent memory. With Bluepoint at the helm, long-suffering fans of Silent Hill might finally get a remake, or even remaster that the Silent Hill series is long overdue for.

We might even get the other Silent Hill games into the collection like the criminally overlooked Silent Hill 4, or Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. It's the least we deserve after the one-two kick in the shins that was the Silent Hill: HD Collection and P.T.

Mike is still holding a torch for a Burnout 3 remake.
Mike Williams Reviews Editor

To mirror something else that I published today, if Bluepoint is out here just remastering anything then I think I'll go with Burnout 3: Takedown. Let's be honest, we've been without any great arcade-style racers for a long time. The major publishers have mostly left the form behind in favor of more realistic racers, like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo.

Remember the heyday of games like Crazy Taxi, Out Run, San Francisco Rush, Blur, Split/Second, and Burnout? I do. The arcade racer is a lost art, one that publisher decided wasn't profitable enough. Forza Horizon is the closest we got, but it lacks the breakneck pace and creative bent of many of the best arcade racers.

Bluepoint is adept at remaking titles, so I'd like to see them tear down Burnout 3: Takedown and rebuild it again for this generation. Between high-speed racing events like Grand Prix and Burning Lap, or crash-heavy action in Road Rage and Crash Mode, Takedown brought the best of both worlds. A series of tracks stretched across locations in North America, Europe, and Asia, redone in full 1080p or 4K splendor. The crumple of a hood or sparks from a grinding collision in full 60fps. Burnout 3: Takedown deserves a remaster, folks.

And hey, if we're dreaming, why not the entire Burnout series? Burnout, Burnout 2: Point of Impact, Burnout 3: Takedown, and Burnout Revenge all deserve a new coat of paint. Fans may argue which game is the best, but a collection puts all those arguments to bed, because everyone gets what they want.

Nadia wants Bluepoint to go big and remake Wild Arms, because why the heck not?
Nadia Oxford Staff Writer

Wild ARMs was my first PlayStation RPG, and it's one I still slide back to once in a blue moon. It got buried under the release of Final Fantasy VII, but it still managed to garner a fanbase with its incredible soundtrack, memorable characters, and technology-infused "Wild West" setting.

Yeah, maybe a sci-fi Wild West isn't as fresh a setting as it once was. We're living in a post-Firefly / post-Gunslinger world, after all. But I still feel like Wild ARMs' twist on the formula works. Filgaia is a dying world with a demon problem, and guns (the titular ARMs) are feared. Wild ARMs is a weird mash-up of Western and JRPG tropes, and I feel like the game would shine after a good rub-down. Reduce random encounters, or get rid of them. Do something about the (nostalgia-inducing, but frankly hideous) polygonal battle scenes. Give the translation a good once-over so we don't wind up with "Jabberwock" localized as "Javawalk" again.

Wild ARMs received the remake treatment once before on the PlayStation 2 with Alter Code F. It didn't perform well critically, but I'm glad someone swept a spotlight back onto this plucky PSOne adventure. I want it to happen again. I'll take any excuse to listen to that overworld theme.

[Editor's Note: They should remake Legend of Dragoon while they're at it.]

Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 received HD remasters, but what about the original?
Hirun Cryer Guides Writer

Remember that gorgeous looking Metal Gear Solid fan remake a few years back, that was inevitably hit by the accursed DMCA takedown from Konami? How about that, but in the hands of Bluepoint, acclaimed masters in the art of remaking.

I’ll be honest, I mainly want a Metal Gear Solid remake because it’s the one game in the series that I’ve got no way of playing, but there’s no denying the thought of the original Metal Gear Solid running on the gorgeous Fox Engine (which is currently going to waste on Metal Gear Survive).

Hell, David Hayter said just last year that he’d be open to the prospect of rejoining Konami for another main Metal Gear Solid game, so why not have him come back in and redo his lines? That’s an easy win with a fan base that’s going through some tough times right now.

There’s so much Metal Gear history sitting dormant on the last generation of consoles, it simply doesn’t make sense—financially or theoretically—for Konami to leave it lying there. Then again, this is Konami that we’re talking about.

[Editor's Note: And hey, Bluepoint worked on the previous Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS3. So why not, right?]

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  • Avatar for link6616 #1 link6616 6 months ago
    I came in here thinking I'd say something obscure.

    And then someone said Silent Hill 2 which is really what the world does need remade. Even though it's a game that works with the PS2 limitations solidly.

    But, for something obscure to throw in, I'm going to pitch the From Software Card RPG Action Adventure game, Lost Kingdoms.
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  • Avatar for Godots17thCup #2 Godots17thCup 6 months ago
    It'll never happen for a variety of reasons, but I'd love to see them give Suikoden V a once over.
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  • Avatar for WiIIyTheAntelope #3 WiIIyTheAntelope 6 months ago
    I played through RE4 maybe a year or so back after not having played it for probably 10 years. I feel like the original version has held up to the test of time pretty well. The controls took a little bit of adjustment time, but once I had the hang of them again they didn't present a problem. A tad unwieldy, but not downright atrocious like RE 1-3. Graphically it still fares pretty well. It looks a lot better than many early 360 releases. It's amazing what Capcom managed to squeeze out of the GameCube with that game. So I don't feel like it really needs a remaster personally.

    Seeing as Blue Point has been pretty close with Sony, I'll go with one of their games as the next project. I'm gonna guess.... Twisted Metal 2.'s not.. but a boy can dream eh.
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  • Avatar for Drachmalius #4 Drachmalius 6 months ago
    I'll throw my hat in with Silent Hill, because I've never played any of those games and would love to try them in HD. But also, I can't be the only one who's been secretly hoping for a Chaos Legion remake with improved gameplay.
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  • Avatar for chaoticBeat #5 chaoticBeat 6 months ago
    Burnout 3 forever; greatest arcade racer ever. I think we can bring it back if we never let it go.

    I would take Demon's Souls, SSX 1, or NBA Street Vol. 2.
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  • Avatar for steve-mcsteve #6 steve-mcsteve 6 months ago
    I can think of a few, though they kind of stretch the definition of remaster:

    1. Perfect Dark: I adore the original, but blah, blah, blah frame rate. I know there was an HD port on the 360, but the franchise was already dead thanks to the extinction level hot mess that was Perfect Dark Zero (and MS mismanagement) so nobody cared.

    2. F Zero GX: If nobody can make a sequel, I would gladly settle for a shinier version of GX.

    3. Blast Corps: Keep it stupid, keep it fun, make it pretty, don't touch the music, and you'd have the game of the decade.
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  • Avatar for notimportant #7 notimportant 6 months ago
    Mario 64, or Half Life 2.

    Not likely, huh. But all you asked is what we want.
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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #8 NiceGuyNeon 6 months ago
    The correct answer is Resident Evil 4. Not only is it the best RE game, it's also the best third-person shooter ever made AND NAYSAYERS CAN FIGHT ME FINAL DESTINATION NO ITEMS FOX ONLY

    The runner-up answer is a pipe-dream and unlikely to ever happen: Demon's Souls.
    @link6616 If we're going obscure From Software from that era I'm going to chime in with what I believe was From Software's finest hour until the Souls series: Otogi. Both games, Myth of Demons and Immortal Warriors, were exclusive to Xbox so a good chunk of gamers missed out on them by virtue of that alone, let alone them being Sega published From Software games in an era where these games were barely given review coverage (despite reviewing very well).

    They were exquisite games. Based on Japanese nightmares you played as an undead warrior between life and death battling demons and the series had some stellar boss fights, a strong emphasis on destruction of your environments, and arguably one of the greatest one on one duels ONLY MIDWAY THROUGH THE FIRST GAME. The sequel had like 5 other playable characters so you'd complete missions based on which character ability suited you best and a much more exciting final battle.

    I'd go for Lost Kingdoms, but I think this floaty, nightmare-fuel action game from that same era is as deserving of a wider audience.
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  • Avatar for docexe #9 docexe 6 months ago
    Frankly it's a crime that the Silent Hill games did not receive the remaster they deserved. It's probably not going to happen (because Konami), but I would certainly love Bluepoint remastering 2 and 3. Probably add Origins, The Room and Shattered Memories as well, for completition sake.
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  • Avatar for SkywardShadow #10 SkywardShadow 6 months ago
    Surely no one wants Legend of Dragoon. ;)

    I think Wild Arms is a great choice, along with Suikoden V mentioned in the comments. I'll add Chrono Cross to the mix!
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  • Avatar for The-Fool #11 The-Fool 6 months ago
    Kid Icarus: Uprising.
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  • Avatar for magnamaduin #12 magnamaduin 6 months ago
    Parasite Eve. Followed by Parasite Eve 2 with PE 1's controls.
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #13 riderkicker 6 months ago
    Resident Evil 4 with MGS2 controls.
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  • Avatar for sunotenko #14 sunotenko 6 months ago
    I will agree with Hirun and choose MGS, since Konami can't do a good work by themselves.
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  • Avatar for Brotoles #15 Brotoles 6 months ago
    This remake news came from an interview Richard Leadbetter had with the Shadow of the Colossus Remake staff (director, lead designer and producer, from what I remember). I watched the video, and from what they told this next remake is going to be a big triple A game, bigger in scope than SotC, so I don't think it would be any Burnout or Wild Arms (unfortunately).

    I guessed only Sony games at first, but Metal Gear Solid (the original) would be a really GREAT choice!! (and Konami needs a better Metal Gear than Survive, even if it's a remake)

    and Kat, don't you know of the RE4HD project? It's not a remake, but they corrected a lot of bugs (not only graphical ones), and the HD textures are n times better than the official HD remasters. It's really game changing, and the effort made by just two guys blows away what Capcom did with a team. If you don't know it you should really check it out! And by the way, I don't think they should mess with the game's controls too much, as its challenges were tailored around the "clunkiness" of the game :-)
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  • Avatar for captainN2 #16 captainN2 6 months ago
    Well... If I can dream freely and without ANY considerations for what is realistic:

    Panzer Dragoon (1, Zwei, Saga) Any of them really!

    Vagrant Story

    Parasite Eve

    MDK (The original)

    Ridge Racer Type 4

    Burning Rangers

    Wave Race 64

    Mega Man Legends 1-2

    There are so many great games that doesn't exist in a good, playable form right now. Any of these would be a tremendous service to todays library. :)
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  • Avatar for Fourfoldroot #17 Fourfoldroot 6 months ago
    If we're talking resident evil, can we please get a remake of 5 that can be played properly in local coop? The existing remake is totally borked. Wouldn't even mind paying again again as its the only coop game the wife would sit for hours playing with me.
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  • Avatar for Paul-S #18 Paul-S 6 months ago
    Remember that gorgeous looking Metal Gear Solid fan remake a few years back, that was inevitably hit by the accursed DMCA takedown from Konami?

    You may be thinking about the fan remake of the first Metal Gear, not MGS.
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  • Avatar for link6616 #19 link6616 6 months ago
    @NiceGuyNeon OH GOODNESS!

    There is a game I'm going to have to work out how to play. Maybe it'll get XB1 backwards compatibility...
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  • Avatar for jimmyhill11 #20 jimmyhill11 6 months ago
    I don’t think Demon’s Souls is a total long shot. I’m pretty confident that there would be a appetite for it, and the servers going dead now leaves an opening.
    On the other hand, there already a Dark Souls remaster in the works, which does count against it.

    A bit left field, but maybe Capcom could bring in Bluepoint to nail the RE2 remake? Edited March 2018 by jimmyhill11
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  • Avatar for TorkPenderloin #21 TorkPenderloin 6 months ago
    Panzer Dragoon Saga!
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  • Avatar for TheWildCard #22 TheWildCard 6 months ago
    @TorkPenderloin Panzer Dragoon Saga is the right answer to all questions about dream remakes from now on!

    Realistically, I think Demon's Souls has a fair shot of happening, though maybe it'd be better off with just a remaster.
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  • Avatar for The-Challenger #23 The-Challenger 6 months ago
    Wild Arms 2 desperately needs a remake...such a good game, hampered by some of the ugliest graphics on the PSOne.
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  • Avatar for sketchlayerjosh #24 sketchlayerjosh 6 months ago
    If Bluepoint started on a Final Fantasy VII remake TODAY, I bet they could get it done before Square Enix’s version.

    Alternatively, there were some great PS2-era Ubisoft games whose 360/PS3 remastered versions failed to impress. Maybe a Beyond Good and Evil HD version with decent camera options? A version of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time with proper sound mixing so the dialogue isn’t 20% the volume of everything else?

    While the big-scale remakes are great, Bluepoint could take a break and just go back to being the best port-masters in the business and that’s be great.
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  • Avatar for Jeremiah-Jones #25 Jeremiah-Jones 6 months ago
    While the Motion Sensor, Hockey Stick waggle attachment may not be in style anymore, the game I'd love to have remade is NHL Slapshot for the Wii. I gush on this game way too much, but there is nothing like having to actually shoot a hockey stick, or move it to deke and see the beautiful breakaway goal you set up play itself out on screen. It is the only way a guy living in a rural non hockey loving area can get his "Inner Ovechkin" on since he can't play in an actual league. (They don't exist where I am) *sigh*

    I'd also love to see a (good) remake of Seiken Densetsu III. That game was fun, but some of the flaws kept it from greatness. It had some really good boss battles in that game.
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  • Avatar for Wellman2nd #26 Wellman2nd 6 months ago
    Any of the Panzer Dragoon games

    Or Uniracers
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  • Avatar for Sturat #27 Sturat 6 months ago
    You know who has really mastered the HD remake? Hexadrive. I want to see them tackle some of these games.
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  • Avatar for Rocketsauce1984 #28 Rocketsauce1984 6 months ago
    I would take any one of the staff’s choices. My guess, Dragon’s Dogma. My pie in the sky wish, Dark Cloud with Platinum Games’ styled combat.
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