New PS4 Pro Ad Has Bizarre Implications For What Will Happen When You Play Death Stranding

New PS4 Pro Ad Has Bizarre Implications For What Will Happen When You Play Death Stranding

It's just something in his eye, okay?

Death Stranding is out, and many players have already spent a weekend building highways, calming their babies, and venturing west through a barren, haunted America. It is quite the journey, though a new trailer for the game might be overdoing it a bit.

Posted last Friday, on the day of Death Stranding's launch, an ad for Death Stranding has once again been making the rounds again. I spotted it today when PCGamer's Steven Messner tweeted about it, and I immediately did the same. If you haven't watched this yet, just trust me. Click play and let it wash over you.

To summarize, as best I can tell, the entire world was drowned in gamer tears when one man played Death Stranding on a PlayStation 4 Pro. I'm not sure if this was due to the crisp visual fidelity of the image, or the emotions felt seeing Norman Reedus experience the miracle of childbirth.

The implications of this notwithstanding, I just sincerely appreciate how over-the-top this trailer is. "Death Stranding is not a game that will make you cry," it proclaims. "It will flood the world in raw emotion, a new era of nautical ruin wrought by the outpouring of emotion felt as Norman "Sam Porter Bridges" Reedus cradles a small child, weeping in kind." And of course, the music from Arrival—a film I am not ashamed to admit has made me cry on several occasions—swells in the background.

Is Death Stranding good? Yes, though the full answer's a little more complicated. And does it have an emotional story, with plenty of twists and gut-checks to really tug at the heartstrings? Definitely. But maybe ease up a bit there, PlayStation.

If you're currently working on your journey west, be sure to check out our Death Stranding guides for all the tips on how to best avoid BTs and reconnect America.

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