Borderlands 3 Character Customization: Character Skins, How to Change Appearance

Borderlands 3 Character Customization: Character Skins, How to Change Appearance

You’ll get to choose between 4 different Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3. You can also customize them further at special vending machines around the world. Here’s how to customize your character in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 gives you a fair bit of choice when choosing your Vault Hunter. There are four to choose from at the start, but the customization doesn’t end there, as you can tweak your appearance further while playing the game. To show you how to customize your character in Borderlands 3, we’ve put together this Borderlands 3 Character Customization guide. We’ll go through changing your appearance, and explain how to unlock new cosmetic items while playing the game.

Borderlands 3 Character Customization and Skins

The first opportunity you’ll get to customize your character is right at the start of the game. Claptrap will walk you through it, though at this point, you won’t have much you can change, except maybe some color changes to your outfit. You will need to complete the first couple of missions, until you have access to the temporary Crimson Raiders base on Pandora. It’s where you’ll find Lilith, and more importantly a Quick-Change machine. From the Quick-Change, you can change your character’s appearance, using any cosmetic items you have unlocked.

How to Earn New Character Skins in Borderlands 3

You won’t have much in the way of options when customizing your character at the start of Borderlands 3. Instead, you’ll need to collect individual pieces for the Head, Skin, Emote, and Echo Theme. These can be found in two ways: by picking them up as loot, or from buying them with Eridium. You’ll unlock the black market shop aboard Sanctuary after completing the first mission on the ship. Aside from that, you’ll need to loot enemies and the world around you to get new cosmetic pieces.

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