Borderlands 3 Coopetition Vs Cooperation - Which Should You Pick?

Borderlands 3 Coopetition Vs Cooperation - Which Should You Pick?

One of the first choices you’ll get in Borderlands 3 is whether to play Cooperation or Coopetition mode. Here’s which you should pick.

Borderlands 3 gives you a fair bit of control as to how you play it. You’ll get to pick one of four Vault Hunters, and even customize the way loot is shared out with your squad, if you’re playing in multiplayer that is. You’ll have a choice between Cooperation or Coopetition, each having a distinct effect on loot. To help you make a decision, we’ve detailed both options in this Coopetition vs Cooperation Guide. We’ll also explain how to change your choice later on, if you’re having second thoughts.

Coopetition vs Cooperation Modes Explained

When starting up for the first time, you’ll get a choice as to how loot is shared out in your squad. This applies to any multiplayer sessions you have, and you’ll want to take note of what each mode does. We’ve detailed each below:

  • Cooperation: Every bit of loot you find is instanced in your game, meaning your teammates cannot take it. You can play with anyone of any level at any time.
  • Coopetition: The game is scaled to the level of the player that is hosting the game. Loot is finder’s keepers.

Coopetition or Cooperation: Which One to Pick

If you’re looking to play with friends that are at a lower level than you are, you’ll want to pick Cooperation. This is because the game will be balanced to all player levels, so everyone has a chance at surviving. The loot you get will be matched to your level, though no-one can take it. If you don’t mind your loot being hoovered up by others, and are happy to protect lower level players, then choose Coopetition.

Can You Switch Between Coopetition and Cooperation Later On?

Don’t worry too much about your initial decision, as you can always switch between the two options later on. Just head to the main menu and press Y/Triangle to access the multiplayer options menu (click the settings icon on PC). From here you can switch between Coopetition and Cooperation, though note that you cannot do so in-game.

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