Borderlands 3 Eden-6 Typhon Log Locations

Borderlands 3 Eden-6 Typhon Log Locations

Here’s where to find all of the Typhon Logs on Eden-6.

Borderlands 3 features five planets to explore, each with a variety of collectibles to find. They’re pretty well hidden, especially the three Typhon Logs that have been scattered around the area. To help you find the three Eden-6 Typhon Logs in Borderlands 3, in each area, we’ve included a map detailing their locations. Once you’ve found all three, you’ll be able to access the Eden-6 Typhon Dead Drop, filled with great loot.

Borderlands 3 Eden-6 Typhon Logs

There are three Typhon Logs to find in each area on Eden-6. They can be pretty tricky to find, though it’s worth it if you want to get your hands on the Typhon Dead Drop and all of the loot contained within. We’ve detailed the Eden-6 Typhon Log Locations for the following areas:

  • Floodmor Basin
  • The Anvil
  • Jakobs Estate
  • Voracious Canopy
  • Ambermire
  • Blackbarrel Cellars

Floodmoor Basin Typhon Logs

The first area you’ll visit on Eden-6 is the Floodmoor Basin. It’s a vast open area, so we recommend grabbing a vehicle before heading after the Floodmoor Basin Typhon Logs.

The Anvil Typhon Logs

Next, it's off to The Anvil. This is a much smaller space than the one before, though has plenty of narrow twists and turns to consider. Just head to the locations marked on the map below:

Jakobs Estate Typhon Logs

The Jakobs Estate is a great place to pick up new weapons. You’ll also meet Hammerlock, and help fend off the Calypso Twins as they attempt to enter the Jakobs family vault. Be sure to pick up the Typhon Logs at the locations shown below:

Voracious Canopy Typhon Logs

The Voracious Canopy is a huge area filled with various nasties and creatures. The Typhon Logs are well hidden here, so be sure to stick to the map below:

Ambermire Typhon Logs

Off to the Ambermire area of Eden-6 now. Here, you’ll need to find three Typhon Logs to unlock the Dead Drop. We’ve highlighted each of them on the map below:

Blackbarrel Cellars Typhon Logs

Finally, let’s head to the Blackbarrel Cellars area of Eden-6. There’s a ton of ratches to fend off while you search for the Typhon Logs here, so bring plenty of grenades and firepower. Head to the locations below to track down the Blackbarrel Cellars Typhon Logs.

Where are the Dead Drops On Eden-6?

The Dead Drops on Eden-6 will reveal themselves to you once you’ve found three Typhon Logs in an area. Tannis will then radio in and give you a location to check out. This location will be marked on your map.

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