Borderlands 3 Moze Guide: Moze Skill Trees, Action Skills and Gunner Class

Borderlands 3 Moze Guide: Moze Skill Trees, Action Skills and Gunner Class

Moze is a brand new Vault Hunter who is being introduced in Borderlands 3. Here’s what you need to know.

Borderlands 3 is well on its way, so we’ve been starting to see more and more info on its core characters. There are four new Vault Hunters to contend with, each with a distinct set of skills and abilities. One of them fills the Gunner class, and brings a ton of firepower via a hulking Minigun. Moze looks set to be a real treat to play as in Borderlands 3, so in preparation for launch we’ve collected everything we know about their Skill Trees and abilities. In this Borderlands 3 Moze Guide, we’ll detail each Tier for all three main Skill Branches, so that you can plan your builds accordingly.

Borderlands 3 Moze Skill Tree

Just like the other three Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3 at launch, Moze has three main Skill Branches to upgrade. Each provides a slightly different playstyle, so you’ll likely want to experiment a bit to find the one for you. We’ll be detailing each Skill Branch later in this article, so that you can build out your Moze Hunter character accordingly.

Moze Demolition Woman Skill Trees

The first of Moze’s three main Skill Branches is Demolition Woman. It values firepower above all else, making use of Iron Bear in the most explosive way possible. Here are the Tiers associated with the Moze Demolition Woman Skill Tree.

Action SkillsTier 1 SkillsTier 2 SkillsTier 3 SkillsTier 4 SkillsTier 5 SkillsTier 6 Skills
V-35 Grenade Launcher: The V-35 is a semi-automatic grenade launcher. Its grenades are not affected by Moze's equipped grenade mod.Fire in the Skag Den: Whenever Moze deals Splash Damage, she deals bonus Fire Damage.Means of Destruction: Whenever Moze deals Splash Damage, there is a chance to add ammo to her currently equipped weapon's magazine with a smaller chance to return a grenade.Pull the Holy Pin: Moze's grenades have a chance to score a Critical Hit, dealing greatly increased damage.Vampyr: Whenever Moze damages an enemy with a grenade, for every enemy hit, she restores a portion of her missing health.To the Last: Moze gains the ability to throw grenades while in Fight For Your Life. If she threw a grenade before gaining Second Wind, a grenade is refunded.Short Fuse: Whenever Moze deals Gun Damage, there is a change of a secondary explosion centered on the target.
Shaped Charge: Direct hits with the V-35 deal increased damage.Deadlines: Firing Iron Bear Weapons drains less Fuel. Killing an enemy while Iron Bear is active increases Fuel. This skill has diminishing returns.Torgue Cross-Promotion: All Splash Damage dealt by Moze has a change to double in size.Auto Bear: After Moze exits Iron Bear, it will remain deployed in place for a short time. While Auto Bear remains active, it will target and attack nearby enemies until its duration ends, then it will charge at an enemy and self-destruct.Why Can't I Carry All These Grenades: Increase Moze's grenade carrying capacityExplosive Punctuation: When Moze deals Splash Damage, her Action Skill Cooldown Rate is briefly increased.-
Musical Chairs: Occasionally, the V-35 fires a Singularity Grenade that pulls in nearby enemies before exploding.Grizzled: Killing an enemy reduces Moze's remaining Action Skill Cooldown Time. This skill has diminishing returns.Stainless Steel Bear: Iron Bear gains additional armor and increased Maximum Fuel.Active Tracking: The Vanquisher Rocket Pod now fires homing rockets and has increased Reload Speed. Hold down the Fire Button and aim at enemies to designate up to 6 targets. Releasing Fire Button launches a volley of homing rockets at the designated targets.Target Softening: The Vanquisher Rocket Pod deals greatly reduced damage per rocket, but fires in a 6-rocket spread. Additionally, enemies hit by Vanquisher Rocket Pot rockets take increased damage from all sources.Hammerdown Protocol: Instead of a volley of conventional rockets, the Vanquisher Rocket Pod launches a single rocket with a nuclear warhead, dealing massive Radiation damage.-
Lock and Speedload: The V-35's Reload Speed is greatly increased and it now fires a 5-round burst.-Vanquisher Rocket Pod: The Vanquisher Rocket Pod is a rocket launcher capable of rapid-firing volleys of unguided explosive rockets.---

Moze Shield of Retribution Skill Tree

Next up we have the Shield of Retribution Skill Tree. It focuses on a Railgun and shield. Here are the upgrades available.

Action SkillsTier 1 SkillsTier 2 SkillsTier 3 SkillsTier 4 SkillsTier 5 SkillsTier 6 Skills
Railgun: The Railgun fires electrified high-velocity projectiles that deal Shock Damage.Selfless Vengeance: Whenever Moze reloads, she loses a small portion of her health and grants additional Fire Damage to her an her allies' rounds for a few seconds.Drowning in Brass: Kill Skill. Killing an enemy grants Moze a stack of Drowning in Brass. For each stack of Drowning in Brass, Moze's Fire Rate is reduced but Weapon Damage is increased for both her and her allies.Full Can of Whoop-Ass: Entering Iron Bear causes Moze's and her allies' shields to immediately begin recharging at an increased Shield Recharge Rate.Behind the Iron Curtain: Moze's Shield Recharge Delay is reduced, and her Shield Recharge Rate is increased.Phalanx Doctrine: Kill Skill. After killing an enemy, Moze gains a stack of Phalanx Doctrine. For each stack of Phalanx Doctrine, Moze's Maximum Shield and Gun Damage are increased. Each stack lasts 30 seconds. There is no stack limit.Tenacious Defense: Whenever Moze's shield is fully depleted, she instantly restores a portion of her shield, and her Gun Damage is increased for a short time. This skill can only trigger after Moze's shields have fully recharged.
Hell on Rails: Railgun now fires superheated rounds that deal Fire Damage, but have increased Fuel Drain per shotSecurity Bear: Iron Bear gains a bubble shield that reduces damage taken. The shield deactivates if it sustains too much damage, reactivating after a short cooldown.Thin-Red Line: A portion of Moze's health is removed and cannot be restored, but her Maximum Shield is increased by the same amount.Experimental Munitions: Whenever Moze scores a Critical Hit, she deals bonus Fire Damage.Desperate Measures: Moze's Gun Damage is increased depending on how low her health is. The lower her health, the greater the increase.Force Feedback: Whenever Moze scores a Critical Kill, her shields immediately begin recharging.-
Capacitive Armature: When Railgun hits an enemy, it chains to nearby enemies, dealing reduced Shock Damage to more targets.Armored Infantry: While Moze's shields are active, she gains Damage Reduction and increased Gun Damage.Vladof Ingenuity: Moze's Maximum Shield is increased and she gains resistance to Shock Damage.Wild Swing: Whenever Bear Fist hits an enemy, it deals random Bonus Elemental Damage to that enemy and all enemies nearby.Close the Distance: Instead of punching, Bear Fist now launches its first forward and grabs enemies at greatly increased range, pulling them back to Iron Bear.Shockhammer: Bear Fist is now capable of sustained and rapid fire, punching as long as the Fire Button is held. Additionally, Bear First has reduced Fuel Drain and deals Bonus Shock Damage with each hit.-
Corrosive Sabot Round: Railgun now fires a specialty round that deals reduced damage and explodes after a short delay. Railgun shots have reduced Fuel Drain and the Magazine Size is increased.-Bear Fist: The Bear Fist is a pneumatic-driven fist that deals massive damage to a single target at close range----

Moze Bottomless Mags Skill Tree

Finally we have the Bottomless Mags Skill Tree. It deploys a huge minigun capable of sustained rapid fire. Here are the tiers associated with it.

Action SkillsTier 1 SkillsTier 2 SkillsTier 3 SkillsTier 4 SkillsTier 5 SkillsTier 6 Skills
Minigun: The Minigun is capable of sustained rapid fire. Firing for long periods causes the Minigun to overheat, rendering it inoperable for a few seconds.Cloud of Lead: Occasionally, Moze's and Iron Bear's shots will deal additional Fire Damage and won't consume ammo.Stoke the Embers: Increases Moze and Iron Bear's Fire Damage.Rushin' Offensive: Moze can sprint and shoot at the same time.The Iron Bank: Increases Moze's Magazine Size.Same for the Road: Moze gains infinite ammo for a few seconds after exiting Iron Bear.Forge: Moze constantly regenerates ammo for her currently equipped weapon.
Let Off Some Steam: Minigun deals more damage as heat increases, and can be fired for longer before overheating.Dakka Bear: Adds a manned turret to the back of Iron Bear.Redistribution: After Moze scores a Critical Hit, she regenerates ammo for a few seconds.Scorching RPM's: Moze gains increased Fire Rate and Critical Hit Damage.Specialist Bear: Equipping two of the same Weapons on Iron Bear increases the damage they deal"Click, Click...": Moze gains increased Gun Damage as her magazine empties. The less ammo there is remaining, the greater the increase.-
General Winter: Minigun fires Cryo rounds, which reduce Heat Gain and Fuel Drain, but deal reduced damage.Matched Set: Moze's currently equipped weapon gains a stacking bonus to Magazine Size and Decreased Heat Per Shot for every piece of Equipped Gear that has a matching manufacturer.Scrappy: Increases Moze's Handling. While moving, Moze's Weapon Swap and Mode Switch Speed are increased.Fuel Economy: Reduces Salamander's Fuel Drain. Additionally, Iron Bear's Movement Speed is increased after damaging an enemy with Salamander.Chemical Warfare: Salamander now deals Corrosive Damage. Additionally, Salamander's Melt Damage is increased.Molten Roar: The Salamander burst-fires 3 projectiles with increased Fuel Drain, the first of which leaves a large Fire area.-
Exploding Bullets: Minigun fires Explosive Rounds that deal increased Splash Damage but its Fire Rate is decreased.Salamander: The Salamander is a flamethrower that deals Fire Damage to enemies at close range. Though the Salamander has infinite ammo, it drains Fuel with use.----

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