Borderlands 3 Nekrotafeyo Typhon Log Locations

Borderlands 3 Nekrotafeyo Typhon Log Locations

Here’s where to find the Typhon Logs for Desolation’s Edge and Tazendeer Ruins.

Borderlands 3 has five planets for you to visit. The first four are revealed pretty early on, though after a surprise fake out ending, one more will be revealed. It’s the fabled planet of Nekrotafeyo, home of the Eridian race. There’s three separate areas to explore here, each with its own set of collectibles to find. It’s the Typhon Logs for Nekrotafeyo that we’ll be revealing here, marking them on the map so that you can track them down and unlock the Dead Drop full of loot.

Borderlands 3 Nekrotafeyo Typhon Logs

There are three separate areas to explore on Nekrotafeyo. Only two of them contain Typhon Logs however, and they can be tricky to find if you’re not sure where to look. In this Nekrotafeyo Typhon Logs Guide we’ll reveal the locations for the following areas:

  • Desolation’s Edge
  • Tazendeer Ruins

Desolation’s Edge Typhon Logs

There are three Typhon Logs to track down in Desolation’s Edge. This is a highly vertical area, with Guardian enemies. We recommend heading in with weapons that are effective against shields. You’ll also encounter COV, which you can use your standard loadout against. The three Typhon Logs can be seen as marked on the map below:

Tazendeer Ruins Typhon Logs

The second area on Nekrotafeyo that you can find Typhon Logs in is Tazendeer Ruins. You’ll run into heavy resistance from Guardian forces here, so once again bring some weapons that are good against shields. The first two logs are grouped fairly closely together, though to get the last one you’ll need to reach the very end of the area. Check out the Tazendeer Typhon Log Locations below:

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