Borderlands 3 Pandora Typhon Log Locations

Borderlands 3 Pandora Typhon Log Locations

Here’s where to find all of the Typhon Logs on Pandora in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 gives you plenty to do while exploring its world. There are multiple planets to check out, each with its own collection of environments. These each boast collectibles to find, including Typhon Logs that will unlock great loot. Pandora is easily the largest of the areas you’ll need to explore in Borderlands 3, so we’ve put together this Borderlands 3 Pandora Typhon Logs Guide. It will detail all of the Typhon Log Locations for The Droughts, Ascension Bluff, Devil’s Razor, The Splinterlands Carnivora, Konrad’s Hold, and The Cathedral of the Twin Gods.

Borderlands 3 Pandora Typhon Logs Locations

In this guide you’ll find the Typhon Logs for the following locations. This will unlock Typhon Dead Drops on Pandora.

  • The Droughts
  • Ascension Bluff
  • Devil’s Razor
  • The Splinterlands
  • Carnivora
  • Konrad’s Hold
  • The Cathedral of the Twin Gods.

The Droughts Typhon Logs

Let’s start off with The Droughts. There are three Typhon Logs to find here, highlighted by the red circles in the image below:

Ascension Bluff Typhon Logs

If you’re looking for all of the Typhon Logs that are to be found in Ascension Bluff in Borderlands 3, then check out the image below. We’ve circled all three in red.

Devil’s Razor Typhon Logs

Now onto the Borderlands 3 Devil’s Razor Typhon Logs. You’ll find them in the Southwest corner, the center of the map, and to the North.

The Splinterlands Typhon Logs

The Splinterlands is a large area found on Pandora in Borderlands 3. Here’s where all of the Typhon Logs are found:

Carnivora Typhon Logs

Over to Carnivora now, a seriously dangerous place unless you’re high enough level. Here’s where you’ll find all of the Borderlands 3 Carnivora Typhon Logs:

Konrad’s Hold Typhon Logs

Konrad’s Hold is a labyrinth of Tink workshops and bandit outposts. It’s easy to get lost, but if you use the map below you’ll be able to track down the Konrad’s Hold Typhon Logs no problem.

Cathedral of the Twin Gods Typhon Logs

Finally, we ave the Typhon Logs found in the Cathedral of the Twin Gods. Head to the locations shown below to unlock the Typhon Dead Drop for the are.

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