Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters - Which Vault Hunter to Choose in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters - Which Vault Hunter to Choose in Borderlands 3

There are four Vault Hunters to choose from in Borderlands 3. Here’s some info on which one will be right for you.

Borderlands 3 lets you choose between four new Vault Hunters, each with their own set of skills suiting a certain play style. You’ll want to consider your choice carefully, as certain skills and abilities are Hunter-specific. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together this Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters Guide. We’ll go over some key info to let you know which Vault Hunter you should pick in Borderlands 3, and explain how selecting a new character works if you decide you’ve changed your mind.

Which Vault Hunter Should You Choose in Borderlands 3?

There are multiple factors that you’ll want to consider when choosing a Vault Hunter. The first is whether or not you’re planning on going it alone, or if you plan on rolling with a squad. If you’re going it alone, we recommend FL4K, as you’ll have an AI companion throughout the whole game. The pets can help divert fire away from you, and when paired with ranged skills, make for a really well balanced all-rounder. If you feel like taking on the Borderlands as a squad, we recommend Amara, as her elemental effects can really help in team play. Zane is great for those looking to use gadgets and items to gain the upper hand, though can be tricky to get the hang of early on. We recommend trying out FL4K and the three pets at their disposal, as we found it the easiest path in terms of early game content.

  • FL4K: Great for early game and those going solo
  • Amara: Strong Action Skills capable of dealing with multiple enemies at once
  • Zane: Support role, gadgets and buffs.
  • Moze: Heavy firepower, great for bosses and Circle of Slaughter mode

Can You Switch Vault Hunter While Playing?

Once you’ve chosen your Vault Hunter, you won’t be able to switch them out on the same save. You can start a new character however, by heading back to the start menu and selecting ‘Load Character’. You can switch between them at any time, though the progressions will be different.

Borderlands 3 Best Vault Hunter

We’ve played the opening hours of Borderlands 3 as all four Vault Hunters. We ended up going with FL4K, mostly due to how effective his pets are at drawing fire. The Rakk Attack! Action Skill is particularly effective too, as it will home in on enemies even at quite a distance. FL4K also boats the Interplanetary Stalker kill skill, which stacks damage with each enemy killed. Once you pair all of this with pet skills that deal critical hits, you have quite a formidable hunter. We found that FL4K outweighed all of the others, at least until around halfway through the game. If commanding a legion of pets isn’t your jam, Amara is a deeply accessible alternative, with AoE damage dealing Action Skills that can clear rooms in a single move. Once we’ve played more of each Vault Hunter, we’ll be sure to update with more thoughts but for now, FL4K is our go-to best Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter.

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