Borderlands 3 Vehicles: How to Get Your First Vehicle, Vehicles Upgrade Locations

Borderlands 3 Vehicles: How to Get Your First Vehicle, Vehicles Upgrade Locations

There’s a wide range of vehicles you can use in Borderlands 3. Here’s what you need to know.

Borderlands 3’s main campaign is split between a variety of planets. Each is a semi-open world area, with some being large enough that you’ll need a vehicle to navigate them. This should be no problem, as Borderlands 3 features a wide range of vehicles to drive. In this Borderlands 3 Vehicles Guide, we’ll be explaining how to get your first vehicle in Borderlands 3, and then explain how to collect more of them as you play.

How to Get a Vehicle in Borderlands 3

You won’t start with a vehicle in Borderlands 3. You’ll first need to play through the first few missions, and complete the first mission on Pandora, where you rescue Vaughn. After this, you’ll be told to go and meet someone called Ellie, who will send you on a quest for your very first vehicle. It won’t be much, but once you drive it back to the Vehicle Bay, you can spawn it whenever you want, free of charge.

Unlocking New Vehicles in Borderlands 3

Some vehicles will be given to you as part of the campaign, but more most you’ll have to head out and find them. The best way to get them is to warp to your planet of choice, and head out into the wasteland. You’ll see enemies driving around in vehicles that you can take. To take them, get out on foot, and head to the driver’s side of the vehicle. A prompt will appear, allowing you to hijack the vehicle, at which point you can just drive it back to a Catch-a-Ride Vehicle Bay to get new vehicle parts.

Head to a Catch-a-Ride to get a vehicle | Jake Green/USG

How to Customize Your Vehicle in Borderlands 3

Once you’ve brought new vehicles back to the Catch-a-Ride Bay you’ll unlock new vehicle parts. You can then use the console at the Catch-a-Ride to customize your vehicles. You’ll be able to have three separate loadouts saved, so you’re able to take on any situation the game throws at you.

Borderlands 3 Vehicles List

We’ve played a fair bit of Borderlands 3, and have collected some really awesome vehicles. We’ll be adding them to the Borderlands 3 Vehicles list below as we find more.

  • Outrunner
  • Cyclone
  • Technical

Borderlands 3 Vehicle Weapons, Armor and Engine Upgrades

You can customize the armor, weapons and engine of your vehicles at a Catch-a-Ride. To get new upgrades for them, steal vehicles from enemies and drive them back. You might even find some lying around at outposts.

Borderlands 3 Vehicle Upgrade Locations

You'll occasionally come across vehicle upgrades while out exploring. We've listed the ones we've found so far below:

Borderlands 3 Sonic Booster Upgrade Location

The first Vehicle upgrade we found was on Promethea. Specifically, in the Meridian Metroplex. Head to the map location shown above and follow the orange cable to the end. Now, backtrack, shooting the valves above the orange cable.

Borderlands 3 Laser Wings Vehicle Upgrades

Head to the Floodmoor Basin for this upgrade which adds an electrified set of wings to your vehicle. The map above shows the specific location (the green icon in the center). You will need to jump off of a nearby ramp to hit it. We recommend using a Cyclone, boost up the ramp and jump out to land on the vehicle platform.

Sticky Mine Vehicle Upgrade

You can find the Sticky Mine upgrade for vehicles in Borderlands 3 by heading to the Meridian Outskirts on Promethea. Head to the location shown on the map above:

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