Borderlands 3 Wants to Give Loot Ninjas Fewer Excuses

Borderlands 3 Wants to Give Loot Ninjas Fewer Excuses

Loot stealing is thankfully becoming a thing of the past.

Borderlands isn't a series where you can play with people you don't know. The focus of the first two games is loot. As you kill enemies, the loot simply explodes from their bodies, a colorful shower of mechanical confetti. If you're alone, all that loot is yours. If you're playing online though, whoever gets to the loot first keeps it. Finders keepers.

Loot stealing was a big problem in the first game. I admit, I've even looted items that my teammates could've used just because I wasn't paying attention and I play loot games like I'm a kleptomaniac. In many cases, you can drop a weapon from your inventory, but once a legendary disappears into someone's inventory, it rarely comes back.

"At the very beginning of development of Borderlands 3, we wanted to make this the best coop experience we've ever made. We're doing things like level syncing and loot instancing, so players can play Borderlands 3 however they want," said Gearbox Software producer Kayla Belmore.

Loot instancing is an optional feature that makes all of the loot that appears in front of you all yours. Only you can see your loot, and it scales to you. Borderlands 3 is going to take things even further though. You can now mail any weapon to any other players, so if you steal a weapon by "accident" you can make good by sending it to the offended party. You can even put weapons up for sale on the Vending Machines, offering items to others for a quick infusion of cash. Even if your personal luck is bad, there's still hope.

Together with loot instancing, these features make it much harder to be a steadfast loot ninja in Borderlands 3. My soul will finally be clean. Borderlands 3 is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on September 13, 2019.

Mike Williams

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