Bots are Selling Twitch Prime Fortnite Skins on eBay

Bots are Selling Twitch Prime Fortnite Skins on eBay

Bots are playing dirty with Twitch Prime and Fortnite.

Twitch Prime bots are running rampant, harvesting Fortnite Battle Royale skins, and selling them on third-party sites like eBay. That sentence sounds very dark and apocalyptic out of context, but rest assured no human is losing their actual skin to an army of rebellious metal beings seeking to make a profit.

That's not to say the sentence is good when you put it in context, because pirates are still making money illegitimately. Last month, Twitch and Epic Games teamed up to distribute the Fortnite Twitch Prime Pack. The pack includes a bundle of legendary skins and items for Twitch Prime subscribers who play Fortnite. Unfortunately, bots are selling multiple Fortnite skin-equipped Twitch Prime accounts on eBay and other third-party sites. Fortnite fans are lodging complaints on Reddit, and it's not hard to find listings all over eBay.

On one hand, the bot sign-ups technically count as subscriptions (for now), which means streamers who've seen a massive subscriber increase because of the flood—Tyler "Ninja" Blevins being a key example—still get paid. On the other hand, Twitch streamers don't want to be followed by bots, nor do they want bot subscription notifications filling their chat streams. Besides, selling or sharing Twitch Prime accounts is forbidden according to Twitch's community guidelines. Whatever's going on, it won't endure for long.

It's not surprising to learn bots are up to shenanigans on Twitch's Fortnite scene. Fortnite's recent mobile launch and its celebrity push via Drake and the aforementioned Ninja have catapulted its popularity in a remarkably short time. Good thing we've been ready to help you out with tips, tricks, and guides for Fortnite for a long time now.

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