Bowser Jr's Reign of Terror in Mario Tennis Aces is About to End

Bowser Jr's Reign of Terror in Mario Tennis Aces is About to End

RIP in pieces, sweet prince.

Bowser Jr isn't the most beloved Nintendo character in existence. Maybe that's why Nintendo made him over-powered in Mario Tennis Aces for the Switch. Surprise: Being super-good at tennis didn't win Bowser Jr any friends, and now Nintendo is nerfing the tiny turtle prince in a patch.

The update (1.1.2), which is out tomorrow (July 19) adjusts how quickly Bowser Jr can move while charging a shot. It also lowers the angle of his return shots. Seems Bowser Jr is in-line have more than a few of his claws clipped: An additional note in the patch claims he'll be balanced further in time for Nintendo's online Mario Tennis Aces tournament in August.

The notes for 1.1.2 indicates every player character in the game has been tweaked and adjusted a tad, but Bowser Jr's the only athlete who's singled out. Junior generated a lot of heated buzz when Mario Tennis Aces launched thanks to his long reach and ability to hit shots that should be too low to reach. Robot arms will do that for you, but the jig is up, kiddo. If Luigi was forced to throw out his performance-enhancing drugs, you sure as heck can't go around ordering a robot to pick up all your impossible shots.

Bowser Jr actually placed rock-bottom on our ranking of Mario Tennis Aces' characters, though not by my choice. If you want to brush up on this cute (if flawed) tennis title, check out our tips and guides for Mario Tennis Aces.

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