Bowsette is Now a Playable Character in a Nintendo Game

Towards canonization.

Bowsette's complete takeover of the internet continues as she joins Mario 64 as a playable character thanks to a new mod.

Obviously, this isn't an official Bowsette add-on. No, instead modder Kaze Emanuar was commissioned by one fan to build a Bowsette mod for Mario 64 on PC. And Emanuar, the professional, took the job and delivered. She's now playable for anyone who has Mario 64 on PC.

Aside from the distinct Waluigi waddle, Bowsette is pretty accurately depicted and in-line with most of the fanart of her online. Since she isn't an official character, there's no official way to portray her, but most tend to agree that she must have horns, the peach crown, and spikes. Everything else is up to the artist. The mod even throws fireballs.

Anyways, if you thought Bowsette was just a fad, well maybe it is but it's still going strong. It's only a matter of time until someone mods Bowsette for Super Smash Bros. Then may lord have mercy on our souls.

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