Brand New CoD Black Ops 4 PC Gameplay - Heist, Zombies, Domination, Control, and Kill Confirmed Footage

Sure, you could watch a master at work, but our gameplay will make you feel better about yourself.

News by Mike Williams, .

We stand on the cusp of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's release. This evening, the game will go live for millions of players who are waiting to see if Treyarch's new entry is what the franchise needs. Gone are the lengthy blockbuster campaigns, replaced with a Call of Duty that focuses on what Black Ops does best... tight multiplayer.

Last week, USgamer went to Treyarch's offices to try Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PC for ourselves. Hosted on Blizzard Entertainment's platform, Black Ops 4 has gotten an extra dose of love from Treyarch and its partners. So this is our gameplay from a near-final build of the game.

Now while most gameplay you'll see online is from wunderkind players at the top of their craft, our gameplay is decidedly... normal. I'm no Slasher or Karma. I'm not even as good as one of your favorite streamers. I'm just good enough to get by. But at least I'll illustrate the style of Black Ops 4 play that will be practiced by most of your opponents (and potentially yourself.)

The first video is a select round of a number of multiplayer levels. It includes footage from Kill Confirmed, Domination, Control, and Heist modes, in the order. My team actually wins most of these!

The second video is from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies. It includes gameplay from three of the Zombies maps: IX, Blood of the Dead, and Voyager of Despair. This is my first time playing any Zombies whatsoever. Most of the gameplay is me hopping around, trying my best not to get killed and let my team down.

And here's one more video! This clip is of Black Ops 4's Hardcore multiplayer, which lowers your available health and clears most of the game's HUD. As a fan of older shooters, this one was very enjoyable.

I hope you enjoy all three clips and they give you a taste of what you'll likely be playing later this evening!

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