Brand New Cut Bloodborne Boss Discovered in Latest Data Mine

All hail the Great One Beast.

A brand new Bloodborne boss has been discovered by the data mining community. This boss might not have made it to the final version of the game, but you can still see the Great Beast One in action.

Data miner Lance McDonald put together the video you can see just below, in which the cut boss was uncovered. This all takes place in a special 'boss rush' mode, which was again cut from the final game, but which would've pitted you against back-to-back boss fights in an insane gauntlet.

McDonald actually mentions in the video that the official Bloodborne guide book even makes mention of the cut boss rush mode, indicating that there would be multiple varieties of this gauntlet. All this takes place in the Chalice Dungeon, an area where the Bloodborne community typically take to in order to discover cut or rare content. Take the creature just below, thought to have been cut from the final game, which was only uncovered by a player two years after Bloodborne first came out.

Meet the "slug", the rarest enemy in Bloodborne.

There's new and cut content being discovered in Bloodborne all the time, especially with such a dedicated community surrounding the game. Here's hoping this cut boss isn't the last of the hidden content.

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