Breath of the Wild Players Have Got the Calamity Ganon Fight Down to 11 Seconds

Breath of the Wild Players Have Got the Calamity Ganon Fight Down to 11 Seconds

Making up for all that time gathering Korok Seeds.

If you, like me, struggled a fair bit beating Calamity Ganon at the climax of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you might want to look away now. One player has figured out how to beat the boss in 11 seconds.

You can see the full clip below, the first six seconds of which is the introductory scene to the fight. Once the fight actually begins, the player immediately freezes Ganon in place with the Stasis Rune, before using a shield-surfing trick to effectively double jump on the spot, and then freeze themselves in slow motion while airborne.

Next, they let rip with five total arrows to Ganon's head, slaying the penultimate boss of Breath of the Wild in 11 seconds flat. These are Ancient Arrows using the Savage Lynel Bow, as the player confirmed in the comments below the Reddit post above, which is basically the most powerful bow in the entire game.

Note that Calamity Ganon starts the fight at half health because all the Divine Beasts around the world have been reclaimed and activated. Each one deals damage to Calamity Ganon before the fight begins, with the maximum advantage from beasts being the half health bonus.

I wonder if we'll ever see a player get the Ganon fight down to under 10 seconds. I look forward to seeing how players absolutely break Breath of the Wild's sequel, whenever it eventually releases for the Switch.

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