Brigitte Gets new Skins on Overwatch PTR

Brigitte Gets new Skins on Overwatch PTR

Brigitte gets new duds to help her serve and protect.

At the tail-end of February, Overwatch fans were introduced to Brigitte Lindholm, the game's 27th hero. Brigitte, Torbjörn's daughter, is a support character, and she already has a whack of skins that let her dress up all nice-like for her role.

Brigitte isn't playable yet; she currently exists only on Overwatch's Public Test Region, or PTR. Nevertheless, you can still get a peek at her skins and items. So far, her skins speak to her role as a healer, an engineer, and a protector. Think, "Oh, my knight in shining welder equipment."

But Overwatch's official Twitter account shared the best of the bunch last night. Brigitte's SÓL skin, which lets her wield a shield and a mace while decked out in full knightly regalia, gets its own movie. Insert fluttering sigh here.

No word yet on when Brigitte officially joins the fight. If you play the PC version of Overwatch, you can jump in on the PTR and see what the fuss is about.

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