Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Brings Crazy Shooter to Switch With All of Its DLC, Including Duke Nukem

Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Brings Crazy Shooter to Switch With All of Its DLC, Including Duke Nukem

Bulletstorm is the latest last-gen game to make its way to Switch.

Bulletstorm is the latest last-gen game to be ported to Nintendo Switch. Gearbox announced today that the cult favorite shooter to make the leap, bringing with it all of the DLC, including the ability to play as Duke Nukem.

Head of Gearbox Publishing Steve Gibson praised Nintendo as "so supportive," and said that it only has one milestone to go. "It plays amazing. The very first build we got, it was going at framerates we couldn't even believe."

Gibson called the release "all-encompassing," which is reflected in it being called "Duke of Switch Edition." That means that it includes the Gun Sonata and Blood Symphony DLC, as well as the Duke Nukem add-on from Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition.

Bulletstorm was originally released in 2011 to generally positive reviews. At the time it was considered a bit of a dying breed, as middle-tier single-player shooters were seen as being on their way out. Doom and Wolfenstein would later give lie to that belief. In the meantime, Bulletstorm has a healthy legacy with multiple releases and a small but passionate fanbase.

While Gibson didn't give precise release date, he did say that it would be available in "early" summer. Full Clip Edition is also available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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