Bungie Delays Anticipated Destiny 2 Features, Needs the Extra Time to Make Them "Super Cool"

Bungie Delays Anticipated Destiny 2 Features, Needs the Extra Time to Make Them "Super Cool"

There's been a little shuffling and scribbling on Destiny 2's roadmap.

Earlier this month, Bungie released its development roadmap for Destiny 2. The roadmap has since been updated and tweaked as Bungie continues to make good on its promise to be more transparent with Destiny 2 updates.

The main point of note is that some features bound for the February 27 "Strikes & Social" update have been shuffled over to March 27's "Sandbox & Crucible" update. Most notably, the Nightfall Strike rewards are delayed until next month's patch.

"[W]hile we really wanted to get Nightfall Strike Unique Weapons into your hands next week to coincide with Nightfall Scoring, it's more important that each of those rewards live up to the difficulty it will take to earn them," Destiny 2 game director Christopher Barrett writes on Bungie's official blog. "They have to be super cool, so we're giving the artists extra time to make sure they are... super cool."

Warning: Road work ahead for the next several light years.

Another big addition is coming with the March 27 update: "Rumble" is joining "6v6 Iron Banner" and "Mayhem" in the Crucible playlist rotation. "Doubles" is also making a return at a yet-unspecified date.

Bungie's latest attempts to be transparent about its Destiny 2 updates is spiffy, but it's got a long way to go before it fully repairs the trust of its player base. It's still trucking along, though, and we can expect to start seeing season three content in May.

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