You Won't Have to Complete Corridors of Time to Get Destiny 2's Bastion Exotic

You Won't Have to Complete Corridors of Time to Get Destiny 2's Bastion Exotic

Bungie removes one step of the grind.

Yesterday, the Corridors of Time puzzle was successfully solved after almost a week of work from the Destiny 2 community. The puzzle fed into the new Exotic quest to obtain the Bastion fusion rifle, but Bungie will remove this prerequisite from the quest line later today.

When the weekly reset kicks in, you won't need to complete the Corridors of Time to pick up the Bastion Exotic quest from Saint-14. Instead, you can simply go to the Titan in the Tower and accept the quest straight from him.

The Corridors of Time maze was a massive undertaking. It stealth launched in Destiny 2 last Tuesday, and the community quickly set about trying to find a route through the shapeshifting maze, putting coding skills to good use.

Due to the unique and changing nature of the maze, no one route emerged until just yesterday. Almost a week after the Corridors of Time launched, a team finally made their way through to the end of the maze. We won't spoil what lies at the end of the maze, but it's a pretty intriguing ending that has some big lore implications for the wider Destiny universe.

I like this approach from Bungie. You can still go and complete the Corridors of Time maze after it's removed from the Bastion quest line later today, but more casual players won't have to journey through 30 rooms of a maze in a Fireteam in order to get their hands on a brand new Exotic weapon. I praised Bungie for removing the typical grind from the Devil's Ruin Exotic quest earlier this month, a nice change for a shooter that's never been afraid to lock activities behind grinds or requirements.

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