Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Strategy Guide, Best Builds, Guide to Perks, Scorestreaks, and Guns

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Strategy Guide, Best Builds, Guide to Perks, Scorestreaks, and Guns

Looking for an edge on the battleground of the future? Look no further.

With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare officially on store shelves, millions are flooding online servers as we speak.

We know it can be really frustrating to get shot over and over again without even being able to see your foe, so we compiled a few handy strategies and tips, and specced out some character build options to help you out. Consider this your ticket out of the basement of the score sheet and the first step on the road to winning.

The laser cannon is hard to use, but quite strong at range.

Basic Tips and Strategies

Use your Exo Abilities: ... And that means more than double jumping. Get proficient at dodging (Hold L3 + Left) for quick bursts one way or another to remain unpredictable and get a crucial edge.

Keep moving in general: Call of Duty is fast-paced, the maps are small, and holding still for even a moment or two will often result in a quick death. Make sure to keep moving.

Use boost slams: Another interesting Exo Ability is the boost slam (Double Jump + B). If you find yourself face-to-face with a foe, you're likely best served jumping into the air while they shoot and coming down hard with a dropkick.

Watch for obvious vantage points: This one takes practice, but eventually you should get to know a map well enough to know where groups of enemies tend to cluster. Use this knowledge to your advantage and engage when they're trying to snipe or are otherwise distracted. The high ground is really important in Avanced Warfare.

Assault rifles are really good for beginners: Most of the guns have their situational uses; but when in doubt, the assault rifle is a great all-around weapon for beginners that is both accurate and useful at close-quarters and at long-range.

Good rule of thumb: Assault rifles rule all.

Suggested Build for Beginners

Primary Weapon: Bal-27: A very solid opening weapon. Accurate and strong assault rifle.

Secondary Weapon: Lynx Using the "Overkill" perk, you can take a sniper rifle for those moments when you have a clear shot at long-range. Conversely, a shotgun is good for this slot.

Perk 1: Lightweight Speed kills in Call of Duty, so it's a good idea to take the perk that lets you move faster.

Perk 2: Peripherals UAVs and Tracking Drones aren't as big a concern early on, so it's not a bad idea to improve your mini-map coverage and have knowledge of where opponents are.

Perk 3: Hard Wired System hacks are prevalent, and they can wreak havoc by messing up the screen and removing the HUD. They also help against stun grenades.

Exo Ability: Exo Shield: One of the best Exo Abilities is available from the very start. Great for fending off ambushes and either retreating or turning the tables.

Scorestreak: Remote Turret You should only take one Scorestreak to start, since you'll get to use them more often that way. The Remote Turret is a great option, especially if you put it on a ledge or similarly elevated position. Stay with it and rack up the kills. Just make sure no one can sneak up behind you!

Wildcard 1: Overkill As the only other Wildcard is the ability to take a second Exo Ability, this is the best option. Keep a spare sniper rifle or shotgun around for when you need them.

Suggested Build for Advanced Players

Primary Weapons: HBRa3: Strong and extremely accurate, and great at any range. The HBRa3 is an ideal weapon for any level.

Primary Attachments: Target Enhancer, Foregrip, Extended Mags: A great compromise between the traditional Red Dot Sight and a full-on scope, the Target Enhancer offers great aim and helps differentiate between friend and foe. In the meantime, the Foregrip improves accuracy, while Extended Mags cuts down on the need to reload, which can be crucial in a firefight.

Secondary Weapon: XMG: Amazing weapon at close range. Go into turret mode and mow down opponents at close range.

Secondary Attachment: Extended Mags: Makes it easier to spray the room with the XMG.

Perk 1: Flak Jacket: Helps a lot when facing grenades and other explosives. Added benefit that it will reset the fuse when throwing back Frag Grenades.

Perk 2: Gung-Ho: Once you get used to sliding, this lets you do a terrific sliding and firing finishing move.

Exo Ability: Exo Shield: Tough choice between the shield and the Exo Ping, which is great for scouting opponents, but the shield gets the nod for the way it can be used to recover from an ambush and turn the tables.

Scorestreak: XS1 Goliath 775: The best Scorestreak around allows you to stomp around and wreak havoc in your awesome mech suit. In general, avoid anything that requires manually targeting, since it leaves you especially vulnerable to getting shot in the back.

Wildcard 1: Overkill Allows you to keep a spare XMG or sniper rifle instead of a pistol. Take your pick.

Wildcard 2: Primary Gunfighter: Take an extra attachment and make your primary weapon even better. In general, it's best to stick to basics: Making it easier to shoot your opponents before they shoot you.

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