Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Specialist Guide

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Specialist Guide

A guide to the Specialists available in Black Ops 3.

This page will act as a guide to all of the Specialists available in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. This includes Ruin, Seraph, Outrider, Reaper, Prophet and Nomad. Three more Specialists are expected to be revealed as the November 6, 2015 release date for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 approaches.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will introduce an all-new Specialist system to the game’s multiplayer modes. Each will have their own look, personality, voice, weapons and abilities, making the decision of which to use more than just a cosmetic one. Each Specialist can also be ranked up, a feature that offers a new level-progression that will work alongside the global XP and weapons XP systems. The use of Specialists will change the way players perform throughout the match, as each weapon and ability is designed to offer a unique advantage on the field of battle.

Below you will find information on the six Specialists that have been revealed to date.

Call Sign: Ruin

Ruin, whose real name is Donnie Walsh, was raised in a military family that lived in a tough neighborhood. He is fearless, headstrong, and uses his unique combat abilities to rush into battle and confront his foes with brute force.

  • Weapon: Gravity Spikes – An area of effect shockwave that will damage or kill adversaries in the surrounding area. We’re thinking ground-pound here.
  • Ability: Overdrive – An ability that will increase Ruin’s movement speed for a short period of time. Since all players will have unlimited sprint in multiplayer, we assume this will stack with that feature.

Call Sign: Seraph

Seraph’s real name is Zhen Zhen. She is a militant enforcer of the 541 crime syndicate’s rule of law. Known to be extremely focused during combat, Zhen Zhen will strike fear into the hearts of her foes.

  • Weapon: Annihilator – The Annihilator is a massive, high-caliber revolver that uses penetrating rounds. More than likely a one-shot, one-kill weapon that trades damage for fire rate.
  • Ability: Combat Focus – The Combat Focus ability will allow Seraph to earn additional points toward her Scorestreaks for a short period of time.

Call Sign: Outrider

A screen capture that shows the Sparrow in action.

Outrider (or Alessandra Castillo) is known for her keen observation skills developed by traversing the rooftops of the Favela she grew up in. She eventually earned her way into the Brazilian Special Forces. She is known to find her enemies before they have a chance to find her.

  • Weapon: Sparrow – The Sparrow is a compound bow that uses explosive bolts at variable ranges.
  • Ability: Vision Pulse – This ability will ping the surrounding area, giving away the locations of all Outrider’s foes for a short period of time.

Call Sign: Reaper

Reaper doesn’t have a real name, but is instead an Experimental War Robot (EWR). That line of robot started out as a cutting-edge prototype, but a series of unfortunate political incidents saw the project all but scrapped. Reaper is what remains of that program.

  • Weapon: Scythe – You might have seen this in the gameplay trailers. It’s a robotic arm that transforms into a mini-gun to cut down any opposition that dare stand in your path.
  • Ability: Psychosis – This ability will infiltrate the enemy’s DNI (Direct Neural Interface) and simulate three additional decoy Reapers. Shoot the one in the middle, maybe?

Call Sign: Prophet

David Wilkes, known more commonly by his call sign, Prophet, is the embodiment of cutting edge human weaponry on the battlefield. He received his first augmentations while serving in the British Engineering Corps, and is known for using his superior technology to disrupt his opponent’s tactics.

  • Weapon: Tempest – This charge-shot weapon will fire an arc of electricity that will shock targets and chain them together with other nearby enemies.
  • Ability: Glitch – It’s sort of a poor name for an online gaming ability, but Glitch will allow you to teleport back to a previous position, allowing you to remove yourself from dangerous situations.

Call Sign: Nomad

Nomad, also known as Tavo Rojas, is the last surviving member of his elite Rapid Deployment Force that specialized in jungle warfare. Nomad went off the grid, but still uses his skills to turn the environment against his adversaries.

  • Weapon: H.I.V.E. – This weapon deploys a series of pod traps that will deploy nano drones when triggered. That doesn’t give you a lot to go on, but it doesn’t sound pleasant.
  • Ability: Rejack – This ability will allow Nomad to regenerate his health by injecting a nanoparticle serum into his bloodstream. Sounds like a camper’s dream.

Those are all the Specialists that we have information on for now, but there are supposedly three more that will be revealed in the coming months (or at launch). We’ll be sure to update this guide with the new additions the moment we have that information.

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