Black Ops 4 is Charging $20 for Two Weapon Skins and You Still Have to Grind for Them

Black Ops 4 is Charging $20 for Two Weapon Skins and You Still Have to Grind for Them

Earn your keep.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 continues to botch the rollout of its cosmetic marketplace by asking players to drop $20 and hours of their time grinding to unlock two weapon skins.

Black Ops 4 recently rolled out its Black Market which lets players purchase cosmetics and battle passes to unlock cosmetics. The latest update brought with it the Fall Firearms pack which functions closer to a Battle Pass than straight up DLC purchases. It's not very popular mostly because it's expensive.

Justice Skin

Case-in-point the Fall Firearms pack which includes two skins: Divine Justice and Carbon Cobra. Turns out the $20 doesn't actually get you the skins, not completely. Instead the skins are tiered and purchasing the pack unlocks the base tier and then 13 more tiers you'll need to grind to get a complete version of the skins.

While loot boxes are under siege by government regulations, legal experts suggested that battle passes should hold better under regulatory scrutiny. But it seems like Black Ops 4 is willing to test what players are willing to accept with this new monetization system.

Check out our Black Ops 4 guide for more info on the new Call of Duty's monetization, various modes, and more.

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