Call of Duty Modern Warfare Single Player Campaign - Is There a Story-Mode?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Single Player Campaign - Is There a Story-Mode?

Infinity Ward takes the reins for this year’s Call of Duty. So, is there a single-player Campaign in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare looks to be a return to the grounded formula first perfected in 2007’s Call of Duty 4. The jetpacks and laser guns of the last few years are gone and it’s back to real stories of war, from both sides of the battlefield. Last year’s Call of Duty game famously ditched its single-player campaign, leaving many to wonder whether it was the new status quo moving forward. So with new details emerging for Call of Duty Modern Warfare, let’s take a look at whether there is a story mode at launch.

Is There a Call of Duty Modern Warfare Single Player Campaign?

We’re happy to report that there will indeed be a single player campaign in this year’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It looks to be a main focus of the game too, with Infinity War working on the story for 2 and a half years to get it right. It’ll take players to iconic European cities, and areas in the Middle East.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Story Details

Thanks to Caty’s excellent preview coverage, we know some details about what to expect from the story in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. We know that characters like Captain Price will feature, though they will be a re-imagining of what we know from Call of Duty 4. There are two main groups that players will take control of throughout the campaign: the Tier-1 Operators, and the Freedom Fighters. The latter will use DIY guerilla tactics while the Operators will have access to more high-tech gadgets. It looks like Call of Duty Modern Warfare will take on some pretty sensitive subject matter, rivaling moments from the series like No Russian and Davis Family Vacation. We’ll have to wait and see whether any other characters from Call of Duty 4 will be borrowed, though if they are it’s clear that they may be very different to what we’re used to.

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