Major Call of Duty: WW2 Multiplayer Patch Released, Server Issues Persist [Update]

Sledgehammer is working around the clock on fixes for Call of Duty.

Update #1: Sledgehammer Games has released the patch notes for Patch 1.05 for Call of Duty: WW2, the first update for the game since launch. All of the updates in the patch are aimed at the game's multiplayer mode, notably "connectivity improvements and optimizations". Despite these improvements, Sledgehammer does not seem to be addressing whether the Headquarters social hub will return to its intended design, after being moved to a solo space during the launch weekend.

There's also the normal round of buffs and nerfs to specific weapons in the name of multiplayer balance. The Walther Toggle Action Shotgun, Bren LMG, and LMG Bipod were buffed in various ways, while the BAR Rifle, STG44 Rifle, FG42 Rifle, and Machine Pistol weere all nerfed.

"We’ve heard the community loud and clear over social channels, and we’re working around the clock to ensure a better experience for all players. We’ve been tracking issues as they arise on our end and have pushed an update to address some of your top concerns," said Sledgehammer in the patch notes.

Concerns don't seem to be entirely addressed though, as players report they're still unable to connect to online play in some fairly standard ways.

"This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm trying to complete my weekly challenge of getting a win in the 9 standard modes. I have played and won 4 domination matches in a row, disconnected at the end of all of them and then it doesn't count towards the weekly. Same thing happened to me twice in a row on a FFA that I won. This is maddening," wrote Reddit user ChunnKeeSoop in reply to the patch notes.

"Ever since the update I cannot get into any games at all. Has me 'join' a lobby and then just kicks me out and starts the search again. Rinse and repeat," added Reddit user MajinOthinus.

"How did we get a balance patch before a fix for HQ , server issues, and contracts bugging out and being unusable?" asked Reddit user LoyalTrekie.

Activision is aware of the issues and promises further fixes.

Original Story: A big Call of Duty: WW2 multiplayer patch should be arriving in a matter of hours, Sledgehammer's Michael Condrey announced earlier today.

It's unclear what the patch will be fixing, but Condrey said that it would at least contain weapon tweaks.

The announcement sparked celebrations as well as speculation in the game's subreddit, with fans expressing hope that weapons like shotguns would get buffs and the BAR would get nerfs.

Others expressed hope that some of CoD: WW2's numerous bugs would eventually be fixed, such as the disappearing orders when visiting the multiplayer HQ.

Patch notes should drop tomorrow via Sledgehammer's Twitter feed. We'll update this story when the patch goes live. In the meantime, you can find all of our Call of Duty: WW2 multiplayer tips and tricks over on our guide hub.

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