Call of Duty: WW2 The War Machine DLC Pack Gets an Explosive Trailer

We're going to Dunkirk.

News by Matt Kim, .

Sledgehammer Games released a trailer for its upcoming DLC pack for Call of Duty: WW2. Titled, "The War Machine," the new DLC will take players across new locales like Egypt and Dunkirk.

Call of Duty: WW2 DLC 2 The War Machine delivers three new maps, a new War Mode content, and a new chapter for Nazi Zombies. You can check out the trailer below which gives you a glimpse of all the new maps, the new War Mode scenario, and the nazi zombie mode set in Berlin.

The War Mode for this DLC is named after the real-life Operation Husky, with which the mode shares its name. It is the codename for the Allied invasion of Sicily that took control of the region away from the Axis. The historical operation also led to the toppling of Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini.

In the War Mode operation, players will have to retrieve key intel from the town of Ragusa, Sicily so that a bombing run on the enemy forces can commence. On the flipside, you'll be an Axis soldier trying to prevent said bombing run. The War Mode operation introduces aerial combat into WW2 as a third objective. Sledgehammer announced more details about The War Machine DLC earlier this month.

As for the new maps, Egypt and Dunkirk will both be playable giving players a chance to fight for their lives in two new locations. Don't expect Dunkirk to be like the Christopher Nolan film however as the trailer shows a very chaotic and under-sieged city set to some good old rock music.

Call of Duty: WW2 The War Machine pack will release on April 10 for PlayStation 4 players as part of an early exclusivity deal. The DLC will arrive 30-days later on PC and Xbox One. For more on Call of Duty: WW2, check out our complete guide for all the latest release info and tips.

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