Call of Duty: WW2 Updates Supply Drops to Give Better Loot and Fewer Duplicates

Expect more loot the next time you open a Supply Drop.

News by Matt Kim, .

Sledgehammer Games released a new update this week that outlines some new changes already available in Call of Duty: WW2. Chief among them is a new drop rate that should make it easier to earn more weapons in supply drops.

In a community post published on Monday, Sledgehammer Games announced a bevy of new updates alongside the news that there will be a new limited event for March called Shamrock & Awe, which kicked off today.

Within the larger update however were details about immediate changes coming to the game's Supply Drop/Loot Crate system which should please players. Among the new changes include the fact that Sledgehammer has increased the number of weapons and premium content , offer more ways to earn weapons, lowered duplicate drop rates, and basically gives players more access to the guns and custom clothing they want.

The video game industry has recently been dealing with the best way to move forward with loot boxes after the controversy surrounding last year's Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box implementation. Since then, developers have been working on being more transparent with their loot systems, lest they risk legislative action like the one pursued in Hawaii.

Here's a full list of updates already available in Call of Duty: WW2:

  • Increased number of weapons and premium content.
  • More ways to earn weapons through a variety of paths to obtain the most-wanted weapons and weapon variants, either via Orders and Contracts or Weapon Collections and Supply Drops.
  • Lowered Duplicated Rates within Supply Drops
  • Rebalanced Category Reward Rates for a wider variety of content categories within drops.
  • New Special Orders for certain weapons by popular demand.
  • New categories for items for even more soldier customization and loadout.
  • Pistol grips will not be added to the loot pool and gold foil calling cards removed from the game.
  • Armory Drops, a new Supply Drop type that function like Bribes or Armory Credits.

All these updates and the Shamrock and Awe operation are available today. For more on the latest Call of Duty game, check out our complete Call of Duty: WW2 guide. Or if you're already looking forward to the next game in the series, check out Everything We Know about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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