Campo Santo's Firewatch is Coming to the Nintendo Switch This Spring

Is that smoke? No, it's just Firewatch on the Switch.

Campo Santo announced that its 2016 narrative-driven game, Firewatch, is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The developers announced the port on the company's website this morning, though the post doesn't mention any specific release date. Instead, Campo Santo says to expect the game this spring.

"This spring, take your Nintendo Switch on an outdoor adventure and experience the gripping mystery beloved by gamers and critics alike," writes Campo Santo in the announcement post.

Firewatch is the debut game from Campo Santo about a man who volunteers for the Firewatch service in a Wyoming national park. Our Firewatch review praised the game's storytelling, even if the ending didn't hit as hard as it could have.

Firewatch is also being adapted for film thanks to a collaboration between Campo Santo and indie publishing label Good Universe. No word yet on the status of the film after the initial announcement, but Good Universe and Campo Santo are apparently working on a host of projects beyond the Firewatch film adaptation.

Campo Santo is currently working on its second game, In the Valley of the Gods, which debuted its first trailer at the 2017 Game Awards. No details yet on what the game is exactly about, but it looks to be some kind of period-piece game that takes place in Egypt.

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