Can USgamer's One-Hit Wonders Best Mike Tyson?

Can USgamer's One-Hit Wonders Best Mike Tyson?

The team attempts to put Nintendo's legion of 8-bit boxers against the ropes without taking a tumble themselves. Can they succeed?

As part of our ongoing attempts to mix things up a bit for our biweekly One-Hit Wonders series, this week the team once again departs from the gentle pastures of platforming games in favor of... sports? Yes, this week we're observing Marquis of Queensbury rules and testing our mettle with Punch-Out!! — the NES version, not the Wii remake.

Well, I say "we," but I didn't take part in this contest. The video was running long enough already, and to be entirely honest I don't have much to contribute to a sports game contest. I probably last played Punch-Out!! in... I dunno, 1988? And all the cool trivia I could have shared, like how the game was designed around the MMC2 memory mapper chip that didn't appear in any other game, was shared by Bob. So please enjoy watching people who actually know how to play Punch-Out!! instead of me.

We stretched the rules for One-Hit Wonders this time around a bit, out of necessity. It's REALLY hard to play Punch-Out!! without getting hit at all. So our stipulation this time was that we had to stop playing once poor Little Mac took a knockdown. We also tried experimenting a bit with the format, as Kat livestreamed her performance, which accounts for the overlay on her segment. Despite these oddities, it's another knockout performance by the USG team. Get it? Knockout? Because boxing. Yeah.

Check out the latest episode, and feel free to post your own attempts at conquering Punch-Out!! in the comments! Can you trump our triumph?

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