Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX: How to Evolve Your Pokemon

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX: How to Evolve Your Pokemon

We look at the complexities of evolution in Mystery Dungeon DX and how you can evolve your Pokemon.

With the fate of the Pokemon world riding on you in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX it's important to know: can you evolve yourself and your partner? We'll go over everything we know about evolution for your benefit.

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How to Evolve in Mystery Dungeon DX

Evolution functions very differently in Mystery Dungeon, something that has to be sought out and won't just happen naturally. We'll go over the process below.

Your Pokemon are pretty powerful even without evolution, which is good because it won't happen for a while. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

Where to Go to Evolve

You'll be able to evolve after the completion of the main campaign and not before. We won't spoil the specifics, but shortly after you beat the game there'll be an incident at Whiscash Pond, directly North of Pokemon Square. This will open up a new area called the Luminous Cave, which grants Pokemon that go inside the option to evolve, provided they meet all the necessary criteria.

Why Won't My Pokemon Evolve?

Even if you have unlocked Luminous Cave, it won't always evolve your Pokemon. The requirements for evolution change for every Pokemon out there, and they aren't always easy. Some need to be a certain level, whereas others will need special items called Evolution Stones. Fortunately, the Luminous Cave does at least explain why it can't evolve you in most cases, so you'll be able to leave and come back later when you have all your affairs in order.

Evolution Stones are rare treasures often found at the end of Dungeons. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

How to Get Evolution Stones

Evolution Stones can be found as rare pick-ups at the end of certain post-story Dungeons. For example, we found two of them, as well as other treasures, at the final floor of Waterfall Pond. They're not easy to obtain by any means, but the rewards are significant if you want to power up a core member of your team.

That should be everything you'll need to know about evolution in Mystery Dungeon, and we'll be sure to update this page as we get more information on the main game. In the meantime, why not check out everything that's changed from the original game here? Or if you want to know the best starters, just follow this link here.

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